Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mr. X and Scheherazade - Ghee Exclusive at The Instruments

Many years later, I visit the moment in my dreams. The lovers stand on a small street lit up by colorful food stalls.  Samosas, chaats, namkeens, the pungent aroma of aloo tikki.  Gaily painted elephants pull carts and brahma bulls wander aimlessly.
I remember there was a boy selling nuts on the corner. He roasts the nuts in a portable stove.  The flame is reflected on his chest. It looks like the boy is holding an armful of light.
This is how they begin. Just for a walk at first. Talking. Exploring the simple things. He takes her places and shows her things that she has never seen before. She finds him stimulating. He is a new world she cannot wait to discover...and conquer his heart. She thinks, it will not be difficult.
She longs to be his Scheherazade... the storyteller of One thousand and One get in the mood I am wearing this opulent outfit by Ghee called Scheherazade that is an exclusive at The Instruments that is running through September.  Matching shoes and jewelry complete the Arabian Nights look. And because this is for The Instruments, I leave you with a piece of music

Exclusives- At The Instruments
The Instruments LM

Top and Pants - Ghee *Scheherazade* in Maize, Orchid and Freesia

Shoes - Ghee *Scheherazade Shoes* Maize, Orchid and Freesia

Jewelry - Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings - Ghee - Scheherazade & Copious 

Nails - Ghee Essentials
Ghee Main Store

Skin - October 4 Seasons *New* Alisha Latte

Hair - No Longer Available

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