Friday, February 27, 2015

Mr. X Springs into Sneak Peek - with Zanse

Mr. X told me that spring is around the corner... well, my spring that is... spring, the time of year when all is reborn -- fresh and new... and to get the heads up on what will be featured this spring... go to Sneak Peek...  for example -- Zanze's new outfit that is  tribal chic and so trendy; Mr. X loves those Stripes.... and the contrast..... he is well Mr. X.

Mr. X left asked me to meet him  60  degrees past zero..... in this  ensemble  by  Zanze called Augustine.  The off the shoulder coat has a hud and comes in 6 colors -- dark brown, purple, creme, coffee, reddish orange and green.  The dress also comes in 6 matching colors so you can have a lot of fun mixing and matching colors... I did!

I love the refined textures in this outfit that are juxtaposed --- sleek sexy sequin dress and a urban textured wool jacket coat thrown over your shoulder.... Mr. X likes that... and shhhhh he does like to throw me over his shoulder from time to time.... and no! I never kiss and tell!!!!!!!


Sneak Peek Exclusive: Zanse - Augustine

Skin: October 4 Seasons - Jewell - *new* skin

Hair: Vanity Hair - Bus Stop !

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mr. X late again... Group gift from ghee

Think  hanging out ... waiting... at the corner of Greenwich Village and New Orleans... Can you hear that jazz?  It's 9 p.m. and Mr. X is late... again.  Ok, the restaurant has no outdoor signage....

Waiting impatiently, I am wearing the fantastic new group gift by ghee for the month of February that consists of a poncho, leggings and boots... this gift is  chic and fashion forward... and did I mention perfect for a late winter...... yes.

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Notes on ghee:

VIP Group
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ghee VIP Group membership costs 250L

Copy and paste this link into local chat to join the group.

If you can't afford a group space you can also join the ghee subcribomatic to keep in touch - just come to the main store and hit the subscriber by the main entrance to sign up.



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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mr. X and the Rhythm of Night - Exclusive Release - !Lybra! Rage & Muse

It is night....  the darkness was all around me, palatable... the moon a silver disk reminding me of the head piece of the dark side of ancient goddess and one of Mr. X's favorite seductresses - that brought joy and sensuality to the world....
Wearing this, the new exclusive, limited edition dress by Lybra Rage called Nori you could be a glamorous queen of the night.  Wearing Nori, you could be swaying on a ballroom floor on a gothic sim, a victorian sim or at a classical ball... you will look better than anyone else.
I love the interplay of the delicate black, white and red textures of this gown and the ruffle accents giving it a neo-Victorian vibe with a vamp glam twist.  There are only 100 of these exclusive gowns... so get to Rue a la Page and get one!
I have paired Noir with a new creation by Muse called Doomed Souls. This is part of the Souls Collection and the headpiece is only 100L and can be found at Genre.  It is unisex.
This glorious headpiece is artfully composed of horns and embellished with little skulls.  It comes in several color options and is expertly crafted.

 So Mr. X, I am waiting for you in the shadows...beckoning you to follow me as we flow together as one to the rhythm of the night.....


!Lybra! Rage - Noir - Exclusive Limited Edition Gown at Rue a la Page
Rue A La Page

!Lybra Rage  Main Store

Muse - Doomed Souls and Bloody Souls - Exclusive at Genre

Genre LM -

Muse Main Store LM

Skin - Morphine Skins - Quan

Hair- Acedia Albion - no longer available

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Mr. X - Meet me in Miami....Deals not to miss Fresh Styles and BOSL Hunt

Miami nightlife sizzles -- think tropical, think cuba libre and the rumba... think art deco architecture and beach parties till the break of dawn.  Along with all other participating designers, !Lyrical B!zarre has a  sexy dress called Kerensa for 25L at the BOSL Love International styles Hunt through Feb. 28.
 I love the  contrasting shading of this mini that tempts Mr. X's senses with it's elegant lines.  He tells me I look like walking art wearing this.   Time is ticking so get hunting.  All participating merchants are providing quality items for just $25L on this two sim-wide hunt  that draws inspiration from all over the world.

This hunt involves different parts of the sims so the search will be in stores, rocks, trees, lamp posts and anywhere you think an icon can be found. Hunters are going to need keen observation as only one word hints are being used to aid. For more information

Fresh Styles where nothing is more than 150L has just started round 16 that goes through March 3.  I loved the gold chunky chain pearl and onyx necklace bracelet, drop earrings and ring... they add an elegant funky look  to this dress.... that is sure to create a  sunset sensation.

!Lyrical Bizarre - Kerensa

Main Store:

Fresh Styles LM

Jewelry From Fresh Styles - GDIT - Twiggy Retro Jewelry Set

October 4Seasons - Jewell - Blossom
Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons - Soulful Red

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Hair: Vanity - Selfish - Dark Blonde

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mr. X - It's Imperative - New Release by Zed Sensations

Imperative - a powerful word.... and red is a powerful color that is trending on the catwalks. Zed Sensation's new gown called Unmeasurable Love will have the men swooning in countless ways, I like that.

Unmeasurable Love with its flowing train and sexy V back trimmed with gold lace inspires dances with secret and not so secret admirers.  This gown comes with two trains, one plain and one with a delicate floral pattern that flows on the jasmine breeze.

The front of Unmeasurable Love is as alluring as the back with a  deep slit leg, flowing silk and richly adorned bodice.  This gown is not mesh and easy to wear.  It comes with Wowmeh, lola belleza omega, brazilia doll, VS ADV, maitreya, TMP and Slink appliers.  It even comes with a baby bump - an option I have never seen in a gown!

The bodice of this dress intricately glamourous with opulent  floral beadwork  on a sheer  silk background that seems to beckon flirtatious diplomats.... and more importantly, Mr. X.

Wearing: Zed Sensations  * Unmeasureable Love*

Skin: October 4 Seasons - Jewell Blossom - *New*

Nails - ghee - fall matte

Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet - Lotus

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Hair: Vanity - Frozen - *New*

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

See You in Cuba Mr. X - New Release - Sonatta Morales

Havana in the 1930s  was the "Paris" of the Caribbean  that brimmed with aspiring artists, musicians, diva's and cads that would become world famous. Mr. X told me I was infamous.... the nerve of him.....

All is forgiven because Mr. X left me a gift box containing Sonatta Morales's new gown called Mu; it is simply stunning.

One of the most popular evening looks during the 40s was a long column shaped silk velvet gown embellished by rich beading at the neckline and bodice.  Mu, Sonatta's new release, embodies the timeless elegance of good fashion and design.

What makes this gown unique is the beaded bodice and the fabulous bolero jacket that has lace sleeves, ruffles and best of all comes to the waist with rounded edges at the front.  Mu is beautiful with every step you take.

Mu is beautiful from the back as well....  look at the detail... it is amazing.

As Mr. X and I  rumba, I sing words softly in his ear, words that only he will understand. He listens. And whispers back, your skin is warmer than I remember.  You look ravishing.  We leave for our sim.

Wearing: Sonatta Morales - Mu * New*

Skin: October 4 Seasons - Jewell Blossom - *New*

Nails - ghee - fall matte

Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet - Lotus

Photo Studio: Mesh Photo Studio - Image Photography
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Hair: Vanity - Frozen - *New*

Monday, February 16, 2015

Stepping out with Mr. X - *New* Palazzo Gown by Jumo

A palazzo especially in Italy connotates an imperial building that was a symbol of Renaissance architecture. Jumo's new gown aptly called Palazzo exemplifies elegant beauty and graceful contours.

The detail in Palazzo makes it an instant classic with its ombre tones that illuminate this gown from every angle.  The realistic folds in the silk and the fur stole make it ideal for a special affair.

 Palazzo is simply stunning with its lavish beaded design that swirls and spirals down the front of this gown adding a touch of 30's glamour. Wear it with or without the stole, the choice is yours.

Palazzo  comes in several unusual colors (I got the fatpack it was too hard to choose just one gown) and has matching shoes, a gold and diamond necklace,  drop earrings and rings.

If all those add ons wasn't enough, this gown also has a hand hud --- Mr. X loves when I beckon him this way... and oh yes, I do.......

Jumo: * New* - Palazzo  in  champagne and whiskey

Skin: * New* - October 4Seasons - Jewell in Blossom and Marigold

Hair: Vanity - Flirt

Nails - ghee - fall matte

Photo Studio: Image Photography
Photo Studio: Mesh Photo Studio - Image Photography
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Into the Groove and Mr. X - New by designs Sascha

 Today, Mr. X left me a new outfit called  Disco Pants Set  with a color changing hud  that comes with a seamless tank top.  Mr. X  left me a note, " Sita this is gorgeous and will look great on you --- I love shaking up your wardrobe!"

The glimmering Disco Pants hud offers 9 colors from earth tones to jewel tones and the spandex midriff  tank top comes  in glitter white and black making it easy to mix and match.

Speaking of mix and match.... another  new release by Sascha's is  called Nicky Hud Tops  Although it  is sold separately from the Disco Pant and Top Set, Mr. X told me it  is a must have because it adds a sophisticated vibe to the Disco Pants Set.

I love the sleek silk silhouette of the  Nicky top, with its classy bow around the neckline and the fact that it creates an entirely different look making both a great buy.

Another plus of the  Nicky Top  is  that  hud offers 9 colors that blends with the disco glitter pants.

I am wearing the gorgeous  floral jewelry set called Lotus artfully created and hand crafted by Mandala.   Lotus comes in red,  white pink, black, bronze, gold and purple.  Fabulous bracelets are sold separately.  I want them all !

Sascha Designs: * New* Glitter Pants and Top Set
* New* Nicky Top

Skin: October4 Seasons  -*New*  Jewell Marigold

Shoes: Wicca's Wardrobe - Zebra for  Slink High Feet

Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet - Lotus

Photo Studio: Mesh Photo Studio - Image Photography
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

A surprise for Mr. X - new release by Heart Homes and G-Dubs

A surprise for Mr. X my sweetie... I have such a romantic night planned -- although to tell you the truth, every night with Mr. X is pretty romantic.  I found this fabulous white rose pavilion by Aphrodite at Heart Homes for under $600L and it is a must have with TONS of romantic features.

A low prim pavilion with curtains, a working fireplace (you set the flame - oh la la), champagne -- drinkable of course, a deco flower vase, flower petals and a fur carpet that sets the mood... a mood Mr. X highly approves of.
And I wear an outfit called Paris Spiked Pants Set by a new designer to me, G- Dubs and excellent.... look at the studs  down my pant line.... love it ! Oh yes, and did I mention the rug.... beside the food it serves (Oysters anyone?) it offers all manner of animations, food, dances.  It's great fun & comes in a PG & Adult version... and NO, I will not say which version Mr. X and I use!

 Oh and then there is wine...... and did I mention chocolates........the best kind, non fattening! Mr. X is thoughtful, one must admit that at the very least.......

I love G- Dubs's Paris Spiked  black and white  geometric top and sexy  black silk pants....low slung and sexy with a great  wrap around leather belt...

In this new design by  G- Dubs I look sexy even when eating chocolate...... hands one to Mr. X..... a sweet for a sweet.... from a sweet.... and the Zebra shoes by Wicca's Wardrobe.

 White Rose Pavilion -*NEW* - Aphrodite at Heart Homes

To see it in video:

Outfit - G- Dubs - *NEW* - Paris Spiked Pants Set


Shoes: Wicca's Wardrobe - Zebra Shoes

Skin: *New* - October 4 Season - Jewell Marigold -


Aphrodite at Heart Homes cordially invites you to join them on their unique and original event that they have prepared for Valentine´s day! They will have a live RP entertainment, with live singers, waiters & waitresses serving, a show with a sushi chef, valentine gifts for guests  and a great Author Cuisine Valentine themed  4 course menu! For tickets and more details check out Marketplace

􀀍Tickets you find in the Marketplace here:
Single Ticket:
Couple Ticket:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mr. X can't get enough.... new release - Styles by Danielle

Mr. X can't get enough -- red that is -- he is a big fan of red for Valentine's Day... can't imagine what else you were thinking !!  Styles By Danielle has created one sexy "red" gown appropriately called Amora Red.........  look at the slit from chest to the bow and down the leg...... need I say more?

Like love, in my book; Amore by Danni is a must have and perfect for a formal or... how shall I say this.... slinking about  times  ---  the bottom line is that this gown commands attention.

Like this gorgeous peacock door... I am as lavish as a peacock in this dress ... I love the detail of the bow that gives this gown a touch -- and just a touch of sassy innocence... Mr. X melts with sassy innocence (he uses words like cheeky)  like chocolate chips in cookies !  Sweet.

And thinking still of the next part of romantic poem to Mr. X.... as this is the dress to think about that in......  Mr. X  writes.... " I memorize you as if walking to music. Your dress lies against the cheeks and hollows of your thighs.... like running water.

You cradle my head in your arms ---- and yes, the next step, a cradle and  synonym for god... ladies you know what I mean.

 Gown - *NEW* Styles by Danielle -  Amore Red

Skin - * New* - October 4Seasons - Jewell Blossom

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mr. X in the mood.... for roses! New dress by ghee

Mr. X loves to give me dozens and dozens of pink it is only natural that he left the fabulous new dress by  ghee called Valentine Rose Puff ball dress and peeptoe pumps for me to find this morning.

The pattern is lavish roses on this cute puff ball dress with it's puffy sleeves and hemline. I like the scoop neckline of this dress that adds the perfect touch of "spice".

The details of the peeptoe pumps are hard to resist as they are swathed in roses (no thorns thank you very much) and the perfect accessory to this eye catching dress.

And, now to begin to compose a poem... to Mr. X....You rise out of sleep like a growing thing rises out of the garden soil. Two leaves part to be your mouth, two tender seed leaves, and your eyes are wonderfully starlike, your eyes are luminous and soft as the velvet of pansies. Darling, good morning.

Our arms are empty of each other for a moment only. How beautifully you turn, your mouth tilts to let my kisses in. Lie still we shall be longer.

Dress: ghee - *New* -Valentine Rose Puff ball dress
Shoes: ghee *New* - Rose Peeptoe Pumps
And don't miss the new lingerie line at the main store!

Skin: October 4Seasons - *New* - Jewell Blossom
Get the fab February Gift Skin too!

Hair: Exile - Blown Away

Light in the ruins and Mr. X -new release by Resun & October 4Seasons

We passed the statues beside  the loggia in the garden, Venus, and the chimera, and continued strolling hand and hand toward the fields.

Overhead we heard birds and smelled jasmine and oleander.  Mr. X whispered to me, "Sita, wait until you see this fabulous space I have found."

Speaking of a great find, don't miss Resun's new jacket, pants and tank top called Costanza with it's color changing hud that is  fabulous, flattering and feminine and combined with October 4 Season's new  Blossom Jewell skin replete with sexy tattoo it is  well ... amazing... and beyond beckoning.... Mr. X likes that.

Resun's new ensemble has a  hud that comes in a series of ten textures that give Costanza a multitude of looks... all exquisite.

Slowly our path descends as we reach the entrance to an Etruscan tomb-- it was like walking into a crag a cliff with only a blue swath of sky above us.  And this skin... a must have and includes a sexy lower belly tattoo... oh la la!

Wearing -

Outfit - Resun - *NEW* - Costanza  - Ivory

Skin  October 4 Seasons -  *NEW* - Blossom - Jewell