Thursday, February 12, 2015

A surprise for Mr. X - new release by Heart Homes and G-Dubs

A surprise for Mr. X my sweetie... I have such a romantic night planned -- although to tell you the truth, every night with Mr. X is pretty romantic.  I found this fabulous white rose pavilion by Aphrodite at Heart Homes for under $600L and it is a must have with TONS of romantic features.

A low prim pavilion with curtains, a working fireplace (you set the flame - oh la la), champagne -- drinkable of course, a deco flower vase, flower petals and a fur carpet that sets the mood... a mood Mr. X highly approves of.
And I wear an outfit called Paris Spiked Pants Set by a new designer to me, G- Dubs and excellent.... look at the studs  down my pant line.... love it ! Oh yes, and did I mention the rug.... beside the food it serves (Oysters anyone?) it offers all manner of animations, food, dances.  It's great fun & comes in a PG & Adult version... and NO, I will not say which version Mr. X and I use!

 Oh and then there is wine...... and did I mention chocolates........the best kind, non fattening! Mr. X is thoughtful, one must admit that at the very least.......

I love G- Dubs's Paris Spiked  black and white  geometric top and sexy  black silk pants....low slung and sexy with a great  wrap around leather belt...

In this new design by  G- Dubs I look sexy even when eating chocolate...... hands one to Mr. X..... a sweet for a sweet.... from a sweet.... and the Zebra shoes by Wicca's Wardrobe.

 White Rose Pavilion -*NEW* - Aphrodite at Heart Homes

To see it in video:

Outfit - G- Dubs - *NEW* - Paris Spiked Pants Set


Shoes: Wicca's Wardrobe - Zebra Shoes

Skin: *New* - October 4 Season - Jewell Marigold -


Aphrodite at Heart Homes cordially invites you to join them on their unique and original event that they have prepared for Valentine´s day! They will have a live RP entertainment, with live singers, waiters & waitresses serving, a show with a sushi chef, valentine gifts for guests  and a great Author Cuisine Valentine themed  4 course menu! For tickets and more details check out Marketplace

ō€€¨Tickets you find in the Marketplace here:
Single Ticket:
Couple Ticket:

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