Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mr. X can't get enough.... new release - Styles by Danielle

Mr. X can't get enough -- red that is -- he is a big fan of red for Valentine's Day... can't imagine what else you were thinking !!  Styles By Danielle has created one sexy "red" gown appropriately called Amora Red.........  look at the slit from chest to the bow and down the leg...... need I say more?

Like love, in my book; Amore by Danni is a must have and perfect for a formal or... how shall I say this.... slinking about  times  ---  the bottom line is that this gown commands attention.

Like this gorgeous peacock door... I am as lavish as a peacock in this dress ... I love the detail of the bow that gives this gown a touch -- and just a touch of sassy innocence... Mr. X melts with sassy innocence (he uses words like cheeky)  like chocolate chips in cookies !  Sweet.

And thinking still of the next part of romantic poem to Mr. X.... as this is the dress to think about that in......  Mr. X  writes.... " I memorize you as if walking to music. Your dress lies against the cheeks and hollows of your thighs.... like running water.

You cradle my head in your arms ---- and yes, the next step, a cradle and  synonym for god... ladies you know what I mean.

 Gown - *NEW* Styles by Danielle -  Amore Red

Skin - * New* - October 4Seasons - Jewell Blossom

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