Sunday, February 26, 2017

Mr. X and Ch @ Swank plus Heart Homes Margarita Machine and new Jumo

I told Mr. X that it must be 5 p.m. somewhere and in SL --- that depends where in the world you are literally I suppose!  I have waited a bit to showcase the new splendid Margarita and Smoothie maker by Aphrodite @ Heart Homes... I think it is my fav thing yet (love that ouiji board though!).  And, I also love this flirty new dress @ Swank called Aspen by Ch's not to mention the sexy new hair by Jumo called Gisele that is perfect for this boho like look

Aphrodite @ Heart Homes  has made  a great addition for any home or beach party in SL -- a Margarita Machine... and believe me, it is fun!  Press a button and the drink starts to be made before your very eyes!!!!!! You have a choice of whether to make Smoothies or Margarita's.  If it is before 5 Mr. X suggests the banana smoothie... after 5 definitely the chocolate margarita!  You can attach the drink after it is made and when finished with it, the drink disappears like magic.  There is even a "cleanup" option that ensures you  don't leave drinks laying around melting in the SL sun!

A Margarita is a cocktail that is made from triple sec, tequila, and lime...the story goes that it was invented in 1938 by Carlos "Danny" Herrera at his restaurant Rancho La Gloria, located between Tijuana and Rosarito Mexico... and that it was created for a former Ziegfeld dancer - Marjorie King.  Another story has this iconic drink created in 1941 @ Hussong's Cafe in Mexico for Margarita Henkel and yet another  claims the Margarita was first mixed in Juarez, Mexico @ Tommy's Place in 1942.   Yanks think Dallas socialite, Margarita Sames invented it in 1948 when she made it for her friends in Acapulco and Tommy Hilton brought it back to his chain hotels.  Yes, a long history!

This Lace shift like dress is so light and breezy. I love the lace overlay and the lace around the hemline and sleeves that add a touch of feminine allure.  Aspen comes with a massive color changing hud that allows you to change the colors of this dress at the click of a button... the blues and pinks offered are really pretty, the yellows and greens are bright... and the orange red reminds me of a tropical sunset!  I love this dress with the new hair by Jumo which also offers a massive color changing hud for hair that is straight colors, with roots and even an ombre option.

Dress - Aspen by Ch's - Swank Exclusive

Hair - *new*  Jumo - Gisele - Blonde Roots

Margarita Machine - Aphrodite @ Heart Homes

Chairs - Aphrodite @ Heart Homes - Posiden Fishing chairs (Contains 6 single sits, 2 fishing and 2 other activities, supported by 5 props! including fishing!)

Massage Table - Aphrodite @ Heart Homes - Thai Couple Massage Table (2 prims - - 20 couple cuddles - 6 beauty Treatments like Thalassotherapy, Chocolade Treatment or hot jade stones.. - 50 couple massage animationd 
-16 resting/laying couple animations)

Lanterns - Hades Lamp in 4 Sizes - Aphrodite @ Heart Homes

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