Monday, February 27, 2017

Mr. X and the Happy Hipster - Ghee @ Hipster Fair

Feeling outside of the mainstream?  Head to the hipster fair that is taking place through March 3 and pick up the fab items by Ghee that are offered there.  Mr. X and I were discussing Marcel Duchamp.. that famous hipster that entered a urinal signed "R. Mutt" into an exhibition in 1917.  Needless to say, it got rejected, but for $6 (the cost of submission), he went into the history books as the founder of conceptual art, and Andy Warhol took it from there!  To me, Duchamp and Warhol are the ultimate hipsters...even the druggie caterpillar agrees

I love the bar coded crop top that comes in a rainbow of colors and is made for all mesh bodies that includes the hippest colors of the spring season...just ask Alice!

The leggings have a subtle circle pattern that reminds me of what happens to rain when it hits the pavement. The leggings are also made for all mesh bodies and come in matching colors to go with the crop top.

The real winner here though are the combat boot lace up sneakers -- that coordinate with the leggings and crop top. You can choose from a variety of coordinating abstract patterns right down to the shoes with a cat on the toe... and yes, those are the ones I have opted to wear!  (I will have to ask Bea and Warm to put one of my cats on these shoes and to call them  The Tonkers!)

The final and perfect addition to this trendy outfit are the oversized iconic glasses.  As we all know, Hipsters love ironic eye wear -- especially plastic framed over sized speckled and colorful glasses. These come with a color changing hud again allowing you to coordinate  this colorful look.

Wearing Ghee @ Hipster Fair - Items available there through March 3
Event LM

Ghee -Retro Print Stretch Leggings
Ghee - Bar Code Sweat Top
Shoes -Art Docs - Fini (cat), Modersohn and Delauney


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