Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mr. X in the mood.... for roses! New dress by ghee

Mr. X loves to give me dozens and dozens of pink roses...so it is only natural that he left the fabulous new dress by  ghee called Valentine Rose Puff ball dress and peeptoe pumps for me to find this morning.

The pattern is lavish roses on this cute puff ball dress with it's puffy sleeves and hemline. I like the scoop neckline of this dress that adds the perfect touch of "spice".

The details of the peeptoe pumps are hard to resist as they are swathed in roses (no thorns thank you very much) and the perfect accessory to this eye catching dress.

And, now to begin to compose a poem... to Mr. X....You rise out of sleep like a growing thing rises out of the garden soil. Two leaves part to be your mouth, two tender seed leaves, and your eyes are wonderfully starlike, your eyes are luminous and soft as the velvet of pansies. Darling, good morning.

Our arms are empty of each other for a moment only. How beautifully you turn, your mouth tilts to let my kisses in. Lie still we shall be longer.

Dress: ghee - *New* -Valentine Rose Puff ball dress
Shoes: ghee *New* - Rose Peeptoe Pumps
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Skin: October 4Seasons - *New* - Jewell Blossom
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Hair: Exile - Blown Away

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