Tales of exploring the seven seas calls to me... the wind at my back and the sun in my face... I found a sim called Land of Dreams... it is as colorful as a tropical sunset...dreams of Blackbeard and Captain Morgan...no, not the rum... Captain Kidd and Calico Jack!

What has brought on the pirate inspiration is the new outfit by Luxe Paris.. called Pirate Crop Top and mini skirt.  I love the simplicity of the crop top with its classy turtleneck...It will make any pirate say Arrrgh... a word actually that started  in 1930 with the actor Robert Newton played Long John Silver!

I also love the pencil thin skirt with it's sultry slit that shows just the right amount of leg!  The pattern of the skirt is so cute... who can't resist the nautical theme with it's graceful sailboats and wording that even says "Ahoy"!  This has a definite high fashion look that is completed with a cute leather belt.  A skirt and crop top is a fresh trendy alternative to a dress and is great for daytime and casual evening wear.

Outfit *New* Luxe Paris - Pirate Crop and Skirt

Hair - Bylina - A - eXxEss

Earrings - Origami Rooster - Mandala

Sim - Land of Dreams.... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bristol%20dAlliez/90/62/1701