Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mr. X @ the Freak Show - Jumo!

There is something inherently fun about styling for the "Freak Show"  put together by the famous modeling Agency Scala.  This is certainly a festive event for this spooky time of year!  I love the new creation by Jumo created exclusively for this event called Maeve.  I love the rich interplay of the black and white patterns in this dress making it an instant freakshow classic in my opinion!

Maeve is composed of a black and white stripe bubble dress that is mesh with additional black lace and black and white silk polka dot flexi prim layers that float around you as you glide through SL.  This dress turns up the romance as these venetian lace peplums cascades over the cute striped bubble dress with its oh la la plunging neckline! I love that the bodice of this outfit is done in a rich floral taffeta print with sexy lace edging at the waistline...these small details make this dress a must have.

A highlight of the outfit is the skull head and wand beautifully crafted from an old animal skull... I think a cow head or perhaps a wolf.... it is magical .... as there is nothing shy about this wizard's accessory!   I am ready to cast my spell on you Mr. X... are you ready?


Dress - Maeve by  Jumo - for The Freak Show

Hair - Emo-tions - Mantus

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