Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mr. X and Lilith @ Swank

Out of the corner of  your eye... you notice him... smoke and mirrors and midnight... sighs... I sit, alone by the slow burning embers of a fire and wait for Mr. X.... dreaming of the last time we embraced...  I miss him... so--- on this very cold October night .... I remember the night he told me he only had eyes for me... as everyone else did in the room... he said with my arrival I would capture hearts... really, I was only interested in his heart and I still am... even after so many ... almost 4 years!

Wandering around  Swank... wearing a new outfit by Prism called Lilith --- I feel elegantly  gothic... and oh so sexy.  Lilith has a gorgeous lace tunic top, lace skin tight pants that lace up the legs and a sexy corset top... I wander into a fabulous group of furniture by Dreamland Designs called Morticia Wing Couch Set  -- it comes with 116 animations and texture change on rug and couch. A table & fireplace  and candles also available... it is spook delicious!

I love all the details especially the candles with the black beaded  crystals and the curtains... not to mention the friendly skull... it all sets a sombre mood... so much fun for this time of year!

And for those that like to landscape there is even a cemetery building kit at Swank by JS Designs with fabulous grave markers and much more....

Exclusives at Swank

Prism Lilith Corset and leggings with hud by Jezzixa Cazalet

 Furniture - Dreamland Designs - Morticia Wing Couch Set

Gravestones - JS Designs

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