Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mr. X its Teatime - Aphrodite @ Heart Homes and Luxe Paris

There is nothing cozier than a cuppa hot steaming tea on a cool fall day when the leaves drift slowly on the autumn breeze.  Aphrodite @ Heart Homes has made the perfect autumn tea set that sets the mood.

The autumn tea set is beautifully hand carved in a rich maple wood finish that just screams fall.  I love the leaf shape of the chairs and table and the graceful curves of the legs... making this set rustically elegant.

This set comes with trees, two chairs, a candle and festive placemat plus tons of animations for male, female and even child avatars.  Each  has 6 animations to choose from.  Everything is copy so it is not a problem to add additional items to your scene.  As with all of Aphrodite @ Heart Homes items this one comes loaded with interactive ao's you can have soup, three types of drinks including tea -- and you can even pray!

I am wearing a new release by Luxe Paris called Chic Devil crop top and pants.  I love the elegant detailing on the crop top with its lace-up embellishment at the decorative waistline that really shows off my curves. There is nothing more classic than black silk and gold.

I decided to dress down Chic Devil crop top and pants by pairing with the high lace boots also by Luxe Paris from the Saturday Hoodie Top, Shorts and Booties outfit.  It just goes to show you how versatile this outfit is...

Furniture - Aphrodite @ Heart Homes - Autumn Tea Set

Outfit - Wearing - Luxe Paris - Devil Chic Crop Top and Pants

Shoes - Luxe Paris -Saturday Hoodie Top, Shorts and Booties

Hair - Shi

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