Sunday, September 29, 2019

Mr. X and Treasure Crow - Virtual Diva @ Sense Event

When a crow takes to the air... everyone pays attention... graceful in a furl of black feathers... powerful and prophetic... I always feel like luck is coming my way when I see a crow and this new dress by Virtual Diva called Treasure made for maitreya mesh bodies will make you take flight! This is just that and more....

It is always so late in the night when I follow the moonlight into the stars and think of you.... a ragged source of memory... my mind returns to his smile... and perhaps, next time we meet I will not melt for I am the darkness in your thoughts...

I am the night without without reason... pain and pleasure...bold and pure... sublimation and everything you cannot begin to imagine... or, can you?

Wearing Sense Event Exclusive - Virtual Diva - Treasure

Sense Event LM for Virtual Diva -

Main Store -

MP -


Mr. X and Halloween Autumn Witch - irrISISTIBLE @ Swank & Jumo eyeshadow

High above in the bruise black sky overlooking the windswept moors, she watches alone... glorious in the colors of autumn - ravishing red, mellow brown, golden yellow and opulent orange.  She stands alone against the gales in the penumbra of the moon... clad in a gown of autumn's splendor she appears wanton as the season of fire... Get the Moon by Irresistible that goes with this gown Halloween Autumn Witch ... it is powerfully beautiful and so much fun! The legs and the gloves go from  transparent to sheer... i don't need to tell you what mr. x loves

The new gown by irresistible called Autumn Witch is totally bewitching!  No pun intended!  It is an exclusive at Swank, and when the event closed  Autumn Witch will be on Marketplace.  This is made for belleza, and Maitreya mesh bodies.  You have the option of a solid or see-thru gown... both are magnificently macabre-- and you will love the way the leaves float around you like the magic that you are.

It comes with a wickedly wonderful witches hat and raven red hair... it is a must-have for autumn... Amber eyes - chilling russet and copper tints peer out from skin as white as powder.. they draw all in who dare to look into them....

Wearing Swank Exclusive  -
Wearing - irrISISTIBLE @  Halloween Autumn Witch

After event

Eye shadow - Jumo - Diversity - made for classic, catwa and letuka mesh heads

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mr. X and Anastsia SMD! & Emo-tions Hair

People tend to complicate their own lives ---  as if living weren't already complicated enough.  It is a place where envy is the religion of the mediocre. It comforts them, it soothes their worries, and finally, it rots their souls, allowing them to justify their meanness and their greed until they believe these to be virtues.  But what do I know... I am a princess lost in the valley of the unicorns with a new gown by  SMD!! called Anastasia Emeris.

Anastasia Emeris is made for Maitreya and mesh bodies and comes in a variety of colors... I love the slit open sleeves, the elegant pattern on pattern textures that shows that SMD!! knows how to combine patterns and colors... it is a medieval gown... and modern with the pattern combo at the same time... I  love it.  Anastasia Emeris comes in a variety of colors... get them all!

As I wait in my garden of unicorns, I wonder about broken hearts, especially mine, Mr. X -- I hope a heart can only break one time... and all other times... they just are scratches and scars.

Wearing -
Gown -  SMD!! - Anastasia Emeris 

Hair - Emo-tions - Stella

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Moonlight and Lust Mr. x and fellini

I have known that one day I would return to these streets alone,  to tell the story of how I lost my soul to a man... a man of mystery and intrigue, and enigma and a puzzle... Mr. X... and now I cannot find matter what.  It is called Ondina....

He and I are trapped in ashes and flames... that is all I can say, and I am sad.  I long to see his face as one that returns from the dead.  Perhaps a chorus of change is in my future. I do not have a crystal ball, just a feeling. This new outfit by Fellini is in your future... Only time knows all.

Wearing  Fellini Odina  @ Ebento thru Sept. 30, 2019, and then at main store.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mr. X and Zelda - Ghee - Corset and Boots @ The Darkness

I fell into the mist... wandering aimlessly -- still wondering about so many things.... could I be in his control...  something draws me in... it must be the Zelda effect by Ghee!

I feel like a goddess or heroine... or sublimation... wearing new Ghee @ Dark Event...  it has fabulous winged armbands and a sumptuous leather corset that has a fab color changing hud... this is a must-have-----and the lace-up boots... to die for... 
Maybe, I am heading for a spin with him... the afternoon... the rain lashing-- flooded grim grey streets -- in the distance... a ravaged face... the next six hours I spent in a trance...

the area was merged in a gloom thick with the smoke of one thousand cigarettes...closing my eyes I conjure up an image... dancing barefoot... a cloak of dark clouds... oh god, I fell for you... 

Wearing Zelda Corset and Boots by Ghee
@The Darkness thru Sept. 28 then at the main store


Ghee Marketplace:

Ghee Mainstore

Hair - Acedia 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Mr. X - Waiting for a Slow Boat.... Sascha's Designs @ Swank & Jumo

I love the thought of going for a slow ride up a misty river with Mr. X in a Japanese Junk.  I can imagine us sipping tea as the sun sets... he read my tea leaves... they said, he was in my future, my present and my past......I am wearing an exclusive outfit by Sascha's Designs that you can pick up at Swank.

As always, Sascha Designs are sophisticated and sexy at the same time.  This comes with a beautifully textured jacket that you can wear for formal occasions, slacks that flair at the bottom and a band-aide midriff top that is oh so sexy!   The jacket, top and pants are made for mesh bodies including curvey, freya, hourglass, isis, physique, venus, voloptuous, ebody, maitreya and 5 sizes of fitted mesh bodies.

I combined ZingZing by Sasha's Designs with a gorgeous chunky necklace and earring set by Jumo called Laura... it is just perfect with this outfit. The hair is also Jumo called Britani, I loved the fact that I can change the color of the hairband to match what I am wearing... it has so many options and is a sophisticated and chic look.  The eyeliner, one of my all time favorites also by Jumo for classic, leluka and catwa mesh heads called Foxxie... who doesn't wanna be a foxxie?!

Sascha Designs- ZingZing Fuchsia - Exclusive @ Swank
Swank LM

Jumo - Britani Hair best of shades ombre
Jumo - eyeliner - Foxxie
Jumo - Laura
Jumo LM -

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Turning Heads for Mr. X.... Luxe Paris and Tryska Moon @ Swank

 I love this casual outfit by Luxe Paris called New York that is an exclusive @ Swank. It is hip, sexy and sophisticated at the same time and ideal for autumn. The casual lace-up skirt and off the shoulder sweater is ideal for fall... it will turn heads.  The skirt is made for mesh bodies including five fit mesh body sizes, altamura, freya, hourglass, isis, Maitreya, physique.  The sweater is made for slink and fitmesh bodes.

I am also wearing another exclusive @ Swank by Tryska Moon. The drop earrings dazzle with a retro vibe.  I love the long strands of silver and onyx beading that is elegant with a touch of boho retro chic. They can be worn with so many outfits from formal gowns to casual clothes, like New York from Luxe Paris!

Wearing Swank Exclusives
Luxe Paris - New York
Earrings -  Vivi - Tryska Moon

Monday, September 9, 2019

Can't get enough Rocker Outfit-- SKBW Mr. X and TIffany + YBTL & SWANK

Oh this is a beguiling little dress... suggestively fun and sexy -- tongues and smiles galore... I like that so does Mr. X -- it is called Tiffany and is by SKBW and an exclusive @ Swank in Sept.

And this playful frock is made for all mesh bodies... the silken textures are so much fun... and from the back... check it out... coolio sexy..... so says Mr. X... and, he knows after all these years!

And to set this all off is a new lipstick by YBTL in six fab nude colors... so natural looking... I am in LOVE!   These lipsticks are made for catwa, letuka, and  classic heads... and they are yummy!

Wearing Swank Exclusives
LM -

Dress - SKBW - Tiffany

Lips - YBTL - Nudes

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Mr. X and BeeBop 1950s @ Dazzle by KDS

Looking for what the world needs now... is more dazzle and I found a great retro dress... ready to Beebob @ Dazzle by KDS Called Hattie. 

Hands moving, hands moving, flying over time... and I love this new retro dress 1950s bebop dress and if you want the sky -- I am ready, are you?  This dress, an exclusive @ Dazzle is by KDS Design Hattie. It is available in fit mesh, belleza, ebody, tmp, tonic,  Maitreya, and slink.    

So sweet so bebop so us -- and this attention to detail... it is a must-have  50's look...  it's golden


Dress  KDS - Hattie @ Dazzle

Mr. X and Targaryan - Hawkers House and Heartsdale @ Swank

The new Swank event has started for September and I found a gorgeous outfit from a new designer for me - Hawkers House.  This lavish dress called Targaryan ripples like silk and has an ombre texture that goes from plum to magenta and then red and it is just striking.  The dress is made for five sizes of classic bodies plus slink, voluptuous, ocacin, tonic, belleza TMP, Tonic curvy and fine, ebody and Maitreya.

I just love the Dyana Leather Leggings they are bootlike leggings that really set this outfit off and the most gorgeous shade of iridescent plum. I love the way the Targaryan dress seems to flow with its wide skirt at the hips and its sexy v-neckline. The colors are perfect for an autumn evening out when the sun sinks into the horizon and the colors of lavender and gold play in the distance like long lost lovers.

I am wearing the Gypsy necklace, another find at Swank by Heartsdale Jewelry. I love the bead and coin combination of this necklace and earring set that will add a touch of flair and boho to any look.

Swank LM -

Wearing - Swank Exclusives

Hawkers House - Targaryan Dress and Dyana Leather Leggings

Jewelry - Heartsdale Jewelry - Gyspy