Sunday, September 29, 2019

Mr. X and Treasure Crow - Virtual Diva @ Sense Event

When a crow takes to the air... everyone pays attention... graceful in a furl of black feathers... powerful and prophetic... I always feel like luck is coming my way when I see a crow and this new dress by Virtual Diva called Treasure made for maitreya mesh bodies will make you take flight! This is just that and more....

It is always so late in the night when I follow the moonlight into the stars and think of you.... a ragged source of memory... my mind returns to his smile... and perhaps, next time we meet I will not melt for I am the darkness in your thoughts...

I am the night without without reason... pain and pleasure...bold and pure... sublimation and everything you cannot begin to imagine... or, can you?

Wearing Sense Event Exclusive - Virtual Diva - Treasure

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