Monday, September 29, 2014

Mr. X -- On that note.... Sascha and Morphine Skins

... give me  Bach for his matchless combinations of masterly musical engineering, Mozart for his orchestral music and Beethoven for his instrumentals... give me Mr. X in my arms... and the new gown by Sascha called Jesa.
I love the miles of lace and the elegant ballroom skirt that composes Jesa -- it is not mesh so no worries about alpha etc.  Some gowns and designs just don't need mesh... the textures and construction is superior and without question... and Sascha has mastered this long ago...
The lace top is sexy and evocative.  You can wear it modestly  or with a bit of  titilating show -- no pun intended of course. Needless to say, I chose modestly... would not want to give Mr. X a heart attack...or worse....a broken toe......because I step on it all the time of course.. not the greatest dancer!

On another note,  I adore the lace cuffed sleeves and collar...and the back of this dress is beyond sexy... you will float to the music and so will your dance partner.    Jesa also comes in white and is striking in it's elegance... so Mr. X... let's waltz...  Don't forget Morphine's October fest special sale! Shop @ Morphine from Sept. 28th til Oct. 10th and avail 25% Off Discount for those who already made a 250L$ worth of purchases. If you are a Morphine Customer's Group, then get as much as 40% - 50% off on your purchases

Sascha - Jesa Black (it also comes in white)

Skin: Morphine Skins - Fujin - Medium
Shoes: Morphine - Slink High Heeled Sandals with hud 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

To Russia.. with love and Mr. X & Skin Sale

Mr. X and I love the thought of cold winter days where you can see  your breath in the air like smoke...and the landscape is textured in a million shades of white.  Thinking of winter... Mr. X asked me to put out a fantastic new fountain called A.V. Fountain Soul  by Atelier Visconti (A.V.) Designs.

 We love the artful tiered lines of the Soul Fountain that has frozen streams of water and a gentle cascading center fountain that finishes this piece off.  The Soul Fountain is low prim and perfect for any indoor or outdoor environment.  The deer on my sim tell me the water is perfectly refreshing.... what more can you ask for !

I could not resist wearing another new Fall Design by ghee...the sleek wool and fur (PETA friendly) sheath styled dress called Fur Trim Wool Dress is elegant and cozy... all at the same  time not to mention chic.  I have paired it with Fog tights and Silver boots -- all by ghee.  The boots have a handy hud that allows you to change the ribbons to match the new fall collection.
The hat, called  Russian Hat Alum is a showstopper!  It reminds me of a Ushanka (also known as a "trapper hat") that has been popular in Russia for centuries.  This hat is sure to keep you warm and stylish all winter long... making it invaluable.  I like the touch of the abstract insignia placed on the center of the hat.
Mr. X... I am warm and cozy on the tundra... waiting for  you with a bit of schnapps.... I have changed this marvelous fountain to schnapps rather than water..... oh la la... and I am already seeing stars... you know what that means.........!
Morphine's October fest special sale! Shop @ Morphine from Sept. 28th til Oct. 10th and avail 25% Off Discount for those who already made a 250L$ worth of purchases. If you are a Morphine Customer's Group, then get as much as 40% - 50% off on your purchases

 A.V. Fountain Soul  by Atelier Visconti (A.V.) Designs

Fur Trim Wool  Alum Dress and Russian Alum Hat
Silver Boots
Designers: Warm Clarity and Beatrice Serendipity

Morphine Skin - Luisa Medium

Hair - D!va

Landscape: Sita Writer

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall for ghee's New Collection Mr. & and the Golden Path

The summer sun is fading as the year is growing old.... I saw autumn today... in the sky -- a deep blue and on the trees with a glint of orange and red intermingled with green leaves... soon Mr. X and I will stroll together on a golden path of leaves...and ghee's Fall14 collection that launched at Penumbra composed of opulent autumn colors is ideal..... I love this will you.
This outfit in deep cognac, saffron, green and gold is perfect.  The Saffron turtleneck is perfectly ribbed and comes as a regular turtleneck, a cowl neck (worn) and a sweater... don't miss the matching saffron ribbed leggings they are to die for!
The multi colored skirt in cognac has stylishly sexy slits up each side and a fold over waistline that shows off a decadent abstract pattern in the rich hues of fall... don't forget to grab the Cognac Suede rose boots and the suede clutch that completes the look.  ghee has also made a gorgeous hud for nails and toes... that match the fall line perfectly.

ghee's all new Fall14 collection brings you a high fashion wardrobe of clothing and accessories for the colder months.  These are chic and stylish fashions that you would love to wear in RL as well as in SL.  This tunic is amazing... elegant and comfortable... and eye catching.
I love the Cassia  Tunic Top, Leggings, Boots with an easy to use hud to match everything.  I have saved this as a go to outfit - so will you.  The entire fall palette provides ample and amazing  fun and styling choices  that allow u to mix and  matching different looks... if you want to be unique check out ghee.

Mr. X  the northern lights -- beckon -- come with me --and let nature dazzle us with quantum leaps of colors... a unique interplay of color and light...that is like our own private shadow play....

ghee -
Saffron turtleneck and Tights
Suede Rose boots
Cognac Fold Skirt
Cognac  clutch

Mauve Mist Tights & Socks
Couture Boots  Silver
Tunic Cassis Mix

Designers: Warm Clarity and Beatrice Serendipity

Stay in touch with ghee online:

Morphine Skin 

Hair -  D!vi  and Exile

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Time Warp & Mr. X

Sometimes  I love the fantasy of SL and imaginative designers... three or four come to of them is Tatanka Kaligawa, CEO of Mea Culpa.  He is celebrating 5 years and has a vendor that gives out free gifts, to the first lucky 5 people that hit the vendor at the right time.  I got a fabulous pair of shoes on one visit... I was #3.

Tatanka also announced that he is having a special sale of all his clothes that are older than a year for 70% off... that is a sale hard to resist.  I just couldn't resist this avant garde fantasy outfit called Time Warp.

Time Warp reminds me of a suit of armour that a 15th century Shogun might wear... with an alien futuristic twist.  I love the textures of silver and black that are so vivid that you can imagine how they actually feel.  Time Warp is amazing in its' accuracy of texture and movement....

I suggest that you go to Mea Culpea and check out his designs that run the gamut from elegant gowns to very avant garde extreme fantasy... he has even created a pret a porter line that offers something for every taste and is beautifully made.

Wearing: Mea Culpa - Time Warp

Skin - Morphine - Aunrae Quin Smokey 

Eye Make up - Nuuna Glam Rock and Zibriski 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Dress to Impress - Wicca's Wardrobe @ Penumbra and Mr. X

Momentous occasions call for raiment... dignified and majestic.  At Penumbra's Fashion Show featuring the exclusive designs by Wicca Merlin, Mr. X choose an elegant gown called Acantha.
Like the thorny nymph loved by the sun god Apollo, I wear this stunning gown.  Acantha  falls and swirls in a double thick velvet cascading skirt of plush black and deep garnet, beautifully tailored with a generous drape at the waist.
The  bustier of  this ensemble is flex-boned for fit and  the 16th century inspired Elizabethan high collar along with the cross embellished top hat  is irrisistably Gothic.

It is dusk, the hour when dark and light are difficult to measure and when all things are possible. The scent of mint is in the air.  I can hear the doves calling.  On the breeze, I smell the scent of far- away lands, where fields are always green and the acantha trees grow.

Wicca's Wardrobe Acantha

ZOZ Black Queen Nails

Skin - Morphine - Aunrae Quin Smokey 

Emo-tions Hair - Karen Snow

Penumbra LM

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mr. X and the Secret Agent... more finds at Penumbra & show scehdule

There is nothing Mr. X likes more than a sexy trenchcoat... (with nothing underneath -- literally... an alpha!)... and Holy Shirt has made several "trench" coats in a series of vibrant colors that run the gamut including apple, cherry, electric, fawn, passion and smoke.
In addition, Holy Shirt has also created Slink high ankle boots with pretty peeptoes so you can show off your latest nail colors.  These shoes  come in aqua, cherry, chocolate, cornflower, nude, passion, pure black.

Another find is by Prism and is called Abbey.  It is simply fabulous... the snakeskin mini skirt sizzles.... and the high high high boots are ohhhhh so sexxxy.....  Like a long drink of water in the desert.... really hard to pass up!
Love the turtleneck poncho.... that shows off your midriff and comes with a sleek silk shirt to wear underneath... and the neutral color is just so refreshing.... on so many levels....

Now I wait for Mr. X... and a midnight ramble through the labyrinthine old village of Jodhpur, जोधपुर - the blue city where it is said djinns haunt the alleyways......

Wearing:  Penumbra Exclusives -

Holy Shirt - Trench Coat and Slink Ankle Boots with peeptoes

Prism - Abbey

Penumbra LM

Weekend Shows

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mr. X and Kioto -- new exclusive @ Penumbra

The nights are growing longer here as the light is fading earlier and earlier in the Nordic highlands. The skies are continually grey and delicate lacey mist drapes the tops of snow covered mountain peaks.  Tonight Mr. X has promised to take me to see the Northern Lights.... and I have the perfect thing to wear.
The Kioto Coat by Nya is an exclusive at Penumbra Fall/Winter  Fashion Week through September 22 and it is perfect for a late autumn walk in search of the brilliant natural fireworks display of the northern lights.  I love the heavy satin coat with the faces of Geisha's on it in tones of lavender, moss green and white.
The green sweater with an extravagant fur collar replete with fur cuffs is ideal for a walk on a brisk night when the damp air chills you to the bone.... and only Mr. X's arm around me really warms me up!

The back of this sweater has appliqued lavender flowers, a reminder of warmer days... and nights.  The abstract floral pattern can also be found on the arms of the sweater completing the look.
The Kioto Coat comes with complimentary green leather boots -- with convenient back pulls and a zipper -- great details and great looking boots that totally pull this look together.
Now, I wait for Mr. X  --- and dream of the Northern Lights....

Wearing: Kioto Coat  and boots - by Nya - exclusively at Penumbra Fashion Fall/Winter Fashion Week

Penumbra  LM

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mr. X walks on Air - Exclusive Release for Sonatta Morales @ Penumbra Autumn/Winter Fashion Week

Penumbra' Autumn Winter Fashion Week is in full swing through Sept. 21.  Mr. X and I are so excited about this event and all the designers participating in it.. not to mention the shows and entertainment that is planned.  Sonatta Morales has a show exclusive at Penumbra called "AIR" and it is a show stopper!

Graciously elegant in mint green this  timeless silk cocktail dress is embellished with flowers and butterflies that cascade in perfect pastel colors that creates a stir of "air" all around you!
Wow him in  "Air" -- stir it up... in this dress with its'  strapless sweetheart neckline and form fitting bodice -- you are sure to stand out in this dress in a sophisticated way...Mr. X likes that.
The dress also comes with a vintage style hat with green flowers in the back and elegant netting over your face, adding a dash of mystery and fun.  The powder pink  gloves are elegant and embellished with the floral and butterfly pattern that cascaded down the side of the dress and they come with a hud with several hand poses adding another layer of interest and fun.
Diamonds are not only a girls best friend but they scream cocktail party! These fabulous earrings come with the dress and with plenty of bling too!  I love the way they make a statement, wearing these you will have every eye on you in the room.

Wearing: Sonatta Morales - Air - Exclusive for Penumbra

For all Schedules for Penumbra Visit
Watch Video Trailer here:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Penumbra Fashion Week... the details and sneak peek!

PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week (AW14), 13th – 22nd of September is set to shine the spotlight on some of Second Life’s leading fashion talents. Set over 10 days, the schedule is packed with 20 shows from 43 emerging and established designers, over 250 new designs in the designer 

Showrooms and fun-filled events and after parties hosted by Energy Club. .PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week is ready to highlight the best of the industry’s designers and showcase what makes Second Life one of the most exciting and dynamic places on Earth- its creativity!  
For up to date information http://www.penumbrasl.com
As a sneak peek I am wearing a dress by Romance Couture from their gold diggers collection. The dress with its bold stripes is called Cersei. The skirts flow in cascades making an interesting silhouette.  This is just one of the many dresses in the gold digger collection that will be featured at the Penumbra Fall Event.

I love the stand up collar and the way it is draped across the will evoke awe whereever you go.
So, mark your calendars and join us in celebrating the creative talents of our extraordinary designers with the biggest fashion week in Second Life this year: .PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2014!
Wearing: Romance Couture - Cersei.
Featured Designers:
Carrie’s Lingerie
chocolate atelier
Chrissy Sparrowtree
Dead Dollz
JUMO Fashion and Beauty
K E L I N I Haute Couture
KL Couture
Legal Insanity
Living Imagination
Loovus Dzevavor
Lush By CoCo
Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Mimi’s Choice
Modern Couture
Nya’s Shop
Paisley Daisy
petit chat
Pure Poison
Romance Couture
Sonatta Morales
Soul Designs
Vanity House Of Designs
Wicca’s Wardrobe

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wisteria on the Wind and Mr X

Wisteria is on the breeze tonight.... so is romance... Mr. X always treats me like a princess...
 Tonight... I will wear a very special new release by Sascha called Bedazzeled.  This elegant gown and hat comes in power pink, chocolate and aqua.

Made of the most elegant peau de sole fabric with a soft stain finish you are sure to catch a handful of  admiration  in the starlight in this corset-styled strapless gown that dazzles down to a slender fitted midriff.
Regal and exquisite the  full length skirt flutters and flows to the ball gown silhouette hem.  It has exceptional shimmering layers embellished with twinkling tonal beadwork and glittering jewels.

The floral styled hat adds a touch of  fairy tale timeless glamour... you will be second to none when you show up in this...Mr. X told me I took his breath away when he say me in this.... and I like that!

Wearing: Sascha Designs - Bedazzeled in Pink and Aqua

Skin: Morphine Skins - Fujin - Pale 

Jewelry with aqua gown - Finesmith - Ice Angel