Monday, June 30, 2014

Violator's Tears of White... and Mr. X

It is dusk. I wander in the shadows of  the cloisters the  arches reflect the fading sunlight. Relaxing far from the din of the articulated world I wait here for Mr. X... in silence.... a limbo of long summer afternoons.
What better to wear than Tears of White by Violator, this dress is simply elegance in motion with it's flowing sleeves, side cape and graceful tentacles.
The jewelry that come with this dress is magnificent... a grand golden collar spiked with the finest diamonds adorned with a billowing cluster of flowers.

An artful arching golden staff off the right shoulder is embellished with a dove and a golden chest button adds flair.

Mr. X cast your image...and into darkness... we are luminous as stars in the midnight sky...bathed in moonlight and whirlpools of desires.  Within the shadows of the cloisters I wait.

Wearing: Dress & Necklace - Tears of White - Violator
Headpiece and Earrings- ViolatorWhite Chatelaine
Hair: Emo-tions - Shena - Snow
Skin: Morphine

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mr. X and Dark Tears new release Zed Sensations & the Red Sale

I told Mr. X that I am in one of my moods....a mysterious mood... a mood when you never know what to expect. With that in mind, I opened the gorgeous new gown called Beleza Louca by Sugarfairy2 creator of Zed Sensations. Beleza Louca has an elaborate and flowing skirt that is embellished with silver/white flowers and a sparkling upper skirt. It comes with jewels and ribbons adding an air of fem fatale.

The  silver, white and grey flowered silk brocade corset with a graceful back bow is elegant and sexy at the same time making this gown subtle and alluring. You can wear the corset alone for a special evening of seduction or with your favorite pants or skirt...either way, it will have all eyes on you!
And whatever you do, get to Violator by the weekend and pick up this fabulous necklace called Aphorism in is on wicked sale and come in two necklace versions. Aphorism is available in black as worn, platinum and black and gold and black...I have all three!

Zed Sensations: Beleza Louca

Necklace: Violator - Aphorism in Black - part of the red sale 

Hair: Acedia Albion- Twisty Hair Combo

Make-up: The Net and Libson Silver: Madrid Solo

Skin: Morphine- Sapphire

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

THE RED SALE & Mr. X - 50% off Haute Couture till weekend!

On the sage advice of Mr. X, (he really is a good shopper)  I rushed to the "Red Sale"... where you will find 50% discounts from the amazing haute couture fashion houses of Violator, Solidea Folies, AD Creations and Lybra.

This is a one of a kind event to celebrate summer and one not to be missed.  My first stop... of course Violator.  How could I resist all the goodies on sale from jewelry and hair to shibaris and irresistable gowns.... like ancient blooms.... that I am wearing in red.

Among the many -- many things offered at 50% off or even more... some of my go to necklaces, hair and gowns... was a new release in the couture line called ancient blossom... it comes in 4 colors - red, black, white and creme.  I just love the way the dress flows and all the lovely accessories it comes with.

From the floral headress and flowing veil, the beautiful gold chest pin, and the attachments that flow and swirl around you  like  the whisp of smoke in an opium  dream --

You will look and feel like a goddess when you wear this dress called Ancient Bloom... a goddess that knows the mystery of fire and the allure of smoke and darkness....

The Red Sale.... Get there - Violator !

Wearing: Violator- Ancient Bloom - Red

D!va Hair- Ange

Skin: Morphine:

Soraya Vayher, one of SL’s most imaginative and skillful creators is designing in RL…   Indulge in something special RL!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"I want Candy! and Mr. X - new deal from Ghee

There is something about summer and boardwalks... that run along the oceanfront... cotton candy and candy apples. Mr. X has told me to indulge!  I love it when Mr. X indulges me..... oh la la.
ghee is part of the Summer Fashion Festival from June 20th to July 6th, and  has produced an awesome release for the event! The Paisley Mystery Summer Set is on sale EXCLUSIVELY at the Summer Fashion Festival and is only 399L.

This exclusive includes a bodysuit, flared pants, a stunning wide-brimmed hat and matching sandals for Slink High Feet.
I love the wide brim hat with its' floral embellishment and the shades of dark sapphire blue, golds and greens that swirl in the elegant paisley pattern.

Wearing: ghee - summer at Summer Fashion Festival
Fashion Fair Link

ghee LM
Hair: Emo-tions- Karen Morphine- Saphhire tan and lipstick 03
Necklace: {me} Atria earrings and necklace, ring

Friday, June 20, 2014

Fashions by Donna Flora @ FFL -- offered by Miamai

As many in the fashion world know, last year, SL lost one of the most gifted designers on the grid, Donna Flora.  This year, for FFL, Miami is featuring two of Donna's magnificent styles exclusively at FFL.
I love the feel, flow and look of this 1920's inspired sheath dress with it's whimiscal interplay of patterns in peacock blues and silver and white embellished with a low waisted satin bow giving the entire look a nostalgic vibe.

This dress called Doris Peacock is offered at 100% to Relay for Life.

Wearing: Donna Flora- Doris Peacock
Direct TP -

About Fashion For Life
Fashion For Life is an event supporting Second Life’s Relay For Life campaign to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. It will run until June 20th across 10 sims. The theme this year is Wanderlust – a reflection of Relay For Life’s theme Journey To A Promise. Over the 10 sims, you will find 150 stores, gacha areas and a region wide passport game. Follow these links for a list of store slurls in alphabetical order and a list of store slurls by Sims For more information, visit Fashion For Life web site

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mr. X & She Dazzels in ghee's Fashion for Life Exclusive

They will raise eyebrows, separately or together when you stroll in wearing this exclusive called "Gown and Sandal Of A Different Colour" by ghee made for Fashion For Life.
The Gown and Sandal Of A Different Colour by the always creative Warm Clarity is a vision of  hypnotic beauty as it shimmers and sparkles in countless understated hues.  The short sheath underdress sparkles like the stars in the midnight sky.  It is draped with a maxi open overskirt that reminds me of the penumbra of a golden moon ... glistening.

This gown is embellished with an ornate brooch that cinches tightly at the waist showing off your curves in all the right places. Sold separately, there are strapped golden sandals.

Here is a short demo video showing the animated designs ghee is releasing at Fashion For Life 2014

A percentage  25% to 15% of all sales on these reasonably priced exclusives go to RFL -- a real bargain for a good cause.  Warm Clarity-Jupiter  is giving 100% of the sale for the  multi colored gown and shoes that sells for  499L to RFL.

Wearing:ghee- Gown and Sandal Of A Different Colour

The direct TP to ghee:

About Fashion For Life
Fashion For Life is an event supporting Second Life’s Relay For Life campaign to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. It will run until June 20th across 10 sims. The theme this year is Wanderlust – a reflection of Relay For Life’s theme Journey To A Promise. Over the 10 sims, you will find 150 stores, gacha areas and a region wide passport game. Follow these links for a list of store slurls in alphabetical order and a list of store slurls by Sims For more information, visit Fashion For Life web site

Friday, June 13, 2014

Mr. X & Freya... Morphine and Fashion for Life Exclusive

 Fashion for Life  runs through June 20 and features exclusives by 150 designers.  Mr. X and I wandered around and could not resist buying the summer outfit by Morphine offered exclusively at Fashion for Life.

Morphine Skins has released a series of four casually cool outfits called Freya.  They are perfect for  a summer stroll, hike or bike ride. Freya's Ensemble includes a boho mesh inspired top and cute two toned capri pants in Red (shown), Chic (shown), Dark (shown) and Polka Pack.

Morphine is really  reasonably priced and  is giving a 50% Donation to RFL.  Shoes and Clothing are sold separately and are  a 25% Donation to RFL.

The Direct TP to Morphine at Fashion for Life:

About Fashion For Life

Fashion For Life is an event supporting Second Life’s Relay For Life campaign to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. It will run until June 20th across 10 sims. The theme this year is Wanderlust – a reflection of Relay For Life’s theme Journey To A Promise. Over the 10 sims, you will find 150 stores, gacha areas and a region wide passport game.

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Outdoor Living by Aphrodite at Heart Homes + Nya and Morphine Skin

If you don't have a lot of prims and are looking for a romantic retreat that is chic and interesting with  a multitude of poses for couples and singles, interactive activities and texture changes the new Summer Flowers Greenhouse in Whitewood or Oak by Aphrodite Shop is for you.
I love the white weathered beachwood  and the flagstone floor that has 12 different textures.  After rezzing it you can move the furniture and plants around the greenhouse or incorporate them into your home.  The details elevates the entire space to pure fun. The flowers are even interactive and you can rake, water, mediate and tend to them.... they are beyond fun!

Summer Flowers Greenhouse is spacious and has furniture that celebrates al fresco living in style. Couch and chair animations offer couples poses -- slow dancing, reading together, feeding each other strawberries, playing video games (I won!!), a movie night, blissful sleep and more. Cool solo poses are also offered.

Each piece of furniture has custom animations.  The coffee table for example is especially fun because it offers board games, cards, wine and cheese and even a kiss... hello Mr. X this wine is getting warm.......the glasses, books, cards, etc. attach to you making wearing them fun and easy plus they don't clutter up your inventory. Cheers!
The Summer Flower Greenhouse is also available in Oakwood with all the same features and looks glorious in a garden setting.  This is one greenhouse that is a must have for year-round fun.

I am wearing a cute and casual outfit by Nya called Alice from Penumbra Fashion Week.  The green linen crop pants and bold floral blouse is perfect for summer and a good read at the beach.

The Skin is a new release by Morphine called Victoria... it is fresh and sexy with beautifully defined lips, perfectly shaped eyebrows and eye make up that comes in natural or smokey... that allows you to customize your look.  The skin comes in 5 skin tones with eyes, a shape and all the appliers.  Slink hand and feet appliers are also available separately.

Last night, over a cup of green tea, in our greenhouse,  I told Mr. X that for me to achieve the art of things, is to choose well rather than often...and he agreed... this greenhouse is a must have.

Summer Flowers Greenhouse - Aphrodite Shop - Heart Homes

Wearing: Nya - Alice from Penumbra Fashion Week

Morphine Skin - Victoria  Smokey Tan (new)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Grace.... and Mr. X new release by Sascha Designs

Mr. X told me Saturdays are nights for the theatre. How I love to dress for a formal night out with Mr. X --- he  always dresses so suave in amazing male attire never failing to turn the ladies heads! He has countless styles  that span centuries.
Tonight, I shall dazzle Mr. X in Sascha Designs new gown called Grace Midnight.  This elegant mermaid styled gown is embellished with silver that gleams like the stars and streaking comets in the midnight sky.

The flouncy feather and silk gem encrusted wrap is beyond elegant... when Mr. X kisses my cheek he tells me it tickles him...I could not resist telling him this was but a hint at the tickles to come later!  He blushed, if you can believe that... such a naughty boy- can't imagine what he was thinking!
Grace Midnight can also be worn without the wrap... when the evenings become warm and the summer breeze just isn't enough to cool you down... I love the classic neckline and glimmering constellation of silver threads.
The back of Grace Midnight is delicious embellished by a sweet silver bow.
This gown also comes in  Silver Midnight... white and silver -- breathtakingly elegant...get them both as it is impossible to choose just one!

Sascha's Designs - Grace Midnight and Silver Midnight (new)

Skin: Morphine

Hair: Vanity Hair

All photos shot with new mesh studio

Sparkie Harland - Image Photography Meshudio Version 2
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Monday, June 2, 2014

High Impact & Mr. X - new release Silken Moon

Wandering around Lea 18 has inspired me to surprise Mr. X with a bold high impact look...
And, what better to wear for this than the amazingly avant garde new release  called Chonophilia by Silken Moon.
White as the moon on a winter night Chonophilia gleams with points and tentacles giving this look an otherworldly feel that is just so cool!
The best part of this look is you dress it up or down so to speak as it is extremely versatile and well made. 
Perhaps I shall wait in hiding amid the "Insidious Ideas" of Lea 18 for Mr. X... looking almost like an assassin on a mission...

Or an angel heralding a new dawn.

Silken Moon - Chonophilia
MP -

 Eye Jewels - Eshi otawara - Shakti Face Jewels

Skin-  Morphine - Sangreia Void - exclusive no longer available

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Nya Exclusives @ Penumbra & 7deadly skins

Penumbra Fashion Week is coming to a close today, May 31 -- but there is still plenty of time to shop for some of the coolest fashions on the grid... this is what Mr. X and I will be up to all day...he is in a shopping mood (again).
Nya Designs has created a flirty dress called Lolita that gives you the perfect silhouette for a stunning hourglass look. It has a  sweetheart neckline & a stunning peach & yellow floral texture.

 I have paired Lolita with the new skin by 7Deadly s{k}ins called Wrath.

Wrath comes with freckled and non-freckled skin, as you know, Mr X loves the freckles. Also available for Wrath are slink, phat, lola appliers as well as make-up tattoos to help you customize your look.

This shot shows you the fine quality of the dress with its' artful edging that matches the flowers in the dress, the kissable freckles.
Summer Bodysuit Lore is another exclusive at Penumbra by Nya. This colorful body suit has fabric edged bell bottom pants and a sexy top of composed of a bright mixture of abstract designs.

Nya Designs - Penumbra Fashion Week Exclusives
Cockteil Dress Lolita
Summer Bodysuit Lore
Penumbra Fashion Week LM -

Skin: Wrath - 7Deadly s{k}ins 

Penumbra  Final Event Schedule


All photos shot with new mesh studio

Sparkie Harland - Image Photography Meshudio Version 2
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