Monday, June 30, 2014

Violator's Tears of White... and Mr. X

It is dusk. I wander in the shadows of  the cloisters the  arches reflect the fading sunlight. Relaxing far from the din of the articulated world I wait here for Mr. X... in silence.... a limbo of long summer afternoons.
What better to wear than Tears of White by Violator, this dress is simply elegance in motion with it's flowing sleeves, side cape and graceful tentacles.
The jewelry that come with this dress is magnificent... a grand golden collar spiked with the finest diamonds adorned with a billowing cluster of flowers.

An artful arching golden staff off the right shoulder is embellished with a dove and a golden chest button adds flair.

Mr. X cast your image...and into darkness... we are luminous as stars in the midnight sky...bathed in moonlight and whirlpools of desires.  Within the shadows of the cloisters I wait.

Wearing: Dress & Necklace - Tears of White - Violator
Headpiece and Earrings- ViolatorWhite Chatelaine
Hair: Emo-tions - Shena - Snow
Skin: Morphine

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