Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Celebrate the 4th of July in Style!

It is almost the 4th  of July and if you want to celebrate it in style... get the Summer Fun Beach Towel and Blanket by Aphrodite at Heart Homes.  Mr. X tells me to throw out the cellphone (it comes with beach towel and umbrella) and talk to him! Not that I babble on and on....

This beach towel and umbrella does it all... so many cool props  from drinks to cell phones, cuddles to delightful couple poses... low in prims and a fabulous value... plus it is red, white and blue!  I just love this writing option... so I can tell Mr. X stories...like his own personal Scheherazade!

Another really terrific 4th of July or really summer buy from Aphrodite at Heart Homes is the Picnic Bike and Log draped with an American flag. You can choose a pose, swap, and adjust -- again poses are for singes and couples.  Just watch out these two cats don't get in your way (not with this set) but they love the bike and to lie on the blanket~!
I love the bike, it has a food compartment... just click on it... for tons of poses and special food surprises!  It even comes with a fire that is adjustable. Now, if only Mr. X was here....

As for a cute picnic outfit for the 4th try the red sandals by Susu, barnyard capri jeans and patriotic side tied tee.  The skin is delicious... Victoria with luscious red lipstick in the tan tone. Victoria comes with a selection of eyebrow colors, shadows, eyes and appliers.

 Aphrodite at Heart Homes:
The Beach Towel
Picnic Bike and Log
Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/61699
Inworld: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Shopping%20City/244/7/23
Skin: Morphine- Victoria - Tan
Tin Roof barnyard capri and patriotic side tee
Shoes: Susu Red - mesh for slink flat feet.

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