Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mr. X and Dark Tears new release Zed Sensations & the Red Sale

I told Mr. X that I am in one of my moods....a mysterious mood... a mood when you never know what to expect. With that in mind, I opened the gorgeous new gown called Beleza Louca by Sugarfairy2 creator of Zed Sensations. Beleza Louca has an elaborate and flowing skirt that is embellished with silver/white flowers and a sparkling upper skirt. It comes with jewels and ribbons adding an air of fem fatale.

The  silver, white and grey flowered silk brocade corset with a graceful back bow is elegant and sexy at the same time making this gown subtle and alluring. You can wear the corset alone for a special evening of seduction or with your favorite pants or skirt...either way, it will have all eyes on you!
And whatever you do, get to Violator by the weekend and pick up this fabulous necklace called Aphorism in is on wicked sale and come in two necklace versions. Aphorism is available in black as worn, platinum and black and gold and black...I have all three!

Zed Sensations: Beleza Louca

Necklace: Violator - Aphorism in Black - part of the red sale 

Hair: Acedia Albion- Twisty Hair Combo

Make-up: The Net and Libson Silver: Madrid Solo

Skin: Morphine- Sapphire

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