Wednesday, June 25, 2014

THE RED SALE & Mr. X - 50% off Haute Couture till weekend!

On the sage advice of Mr. X, (he really is a good shopper)  I rushed to the "Red Sale"... where you will find 50% discounts from the amazing haute couture fashion houses of Violator, Solidea Folies, AD Creations and Lybra.

This is a one of a kind event to celebrate summer and one not to be missed.  My first stop... of course Violator.  How could I resist all the goodies on sale from jewelry and hair to shibaris and irresistable gowns.... like ancient blooms.... that I am wearing in red.

Among the many -- many things offered at 50% off or even more... some of my go to necklaces, hair and gowns... was a new release in the couture line called ancient blossom... it comes in 4 colors - red, black, white and creme.  I just love the way the dress flows and all the lovely accessories it comes with.

From the floral headress and flowing veil, the beautiful gold chest pin, and the attachments that flow and swirl around you  like  the whisp of smoke in an opium  dream --

You will look and feel like a goddess when you wear this dress called Ancient Bloom... a goddess that knows the mystery of fire and the allure of smoke and darkness....

The Red Sale.... Get there - Violator !

Wearing: Violator- Ancient Bloom - Red

D!va Hair- Ange

Skin: Morphine:

Soraya Vayher, one of SL’s most imaginative and skillful creators is designing in RL…   Indulge in something special RL!

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