Thursday, July 31, 2014

Still time to Make a Move - Mr. X & Miss Scarlet by Son!a MOG

It is still not to late to make your move and visit to the Month of Games Sim that is closing today, July 31.  Take a few moments to explore the three sim areas to grab your favorite candy couture, clue clothing, and chess costumes.
As Mr. X believes.... it always revolves around Miss Scarlet in Clue...and to close out this years MOG, I am wearing the gorgeous red and silver beaded mermaid styled gown by Son!a called... Miss Scarlet Red Dress. You will find this dress on the Clue Sim.
To accompany this opulent dress, I am wearing  the new silver filigree and ruby necklace  called Misty Sweet Ruby Set.  This set also comes with a nose piece and belly ring that are not shown.
My skin is also new by Morphine and is Jade Tan that can be found at the Aloha Fair.

MOG Landmark

Son!a Miss Scarlet Dress Red - MOG exclusive
Nails - ZOZ - Chess Queen - MOG  exclusive

Skin - Morphine Skin - New - Jade Tan - Exclusive at Aloha Fair

Hair- Bliss Renee no longer available

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mr. X Loves Tiki Tunes - Aloha Fair & Morphine Skins

Tiki tunes, or exotica dates back to the 1950s and is a musical genre based on what people thought the islands of Hawaii and the South Pacific were like. The Aloha Fair runs July 28 - August 11 and includes an authentic Hawaiian Luau Show as well as items from many designers.  Sponsors of the show include top name brands such as Morphine Skins, Delirium Style, and Legal Insanity.
 Morphine has a new skin exclusive for this show called Jade -- I am wearing Jade Medium below. Jade's brows come in black, berry, light and brown.  The pack also contains lush, phat-azz, and mirage appliers as well as the jade special shape and two sets of eyes. Slink hand and feet appliers are sold separately.
In addition to medium, Jade is also available in Tan and Peach in natural shades. I am wearing the peach tone below.  This totally natural skin is perfect for building a color pallette of eyeshadows and lipsticks of your choice.
To get into a "Hawaiian" mood, I am wearing Jade Tan  and another Aloha Show special by Grumble -- the mesh Tiki cover-up and the cute flowered purple tote.
To have some fun with this look, I added Grumble's "hipster" sunglasses. Grumble's cute scarf sandals, also found at the Aloha Fair come in a variety of colors and are made for slink flat feet.
I just couldn't resist wearing the Tiki Hair created by Lyrical Bizarre it is the perfect touch for Mr. X and I to dance the hula to the wee hours of the morning listening to classic tiki music.....
I leave you with a touch of Exotica -- now you will see why Mr. X  loves tiki tunes.

LM for Aloha Fair

Morphine Skins -Jade - Aloha Exclusive - Peach, Medium and Tan
Grumble: Tiki Cover-Up, Hipster Sunglasses and Scarf Sandals - available at the Aloha Fair

Hair - Bizzare Hair -  !Lyrical B!zarre,  Tiki Mask

Monday, July 28, 2014

Lakeside BBQ with Mr. X Aphrodite At Heart Homes and Fresh Styles

Summer heralds the season of BBQ and Mr. X tells me he is an expert at this.  So I got him a surprise...the new Lakeside Family BBQ Set by Aphrodite at Heart Homes that provides as always days of memorable fun.
There are controls for the BBQ. You can control the fire, lamps and clean up as well as open and close the hood of the BBQ and even pose.  The BBQ has poses for singles, couples and  kids.
There is loads of work to get ready for a BBQ... and the work counter allows you to spice the meat for example and chop the vegetables.  Mr. X often goes on and on about the importance of good sharp knives in the kitchen...and these are so he should be delighted !
There is even a sink where you can wash your hands under running water and a dishwasher ! I wish my RL BBQ had a built in dishwasher! Best of all there is a full menu of meats and fish you can put on the grill... and is sizzles when cooking!
The parasols open and close and the chairs offer a multitude of poses. Remember to click on the placemat to rezz the BBQed food... and bon appetit... now we get to see just how good a BBQ "Master Chef" Mr. X is!   (As an aside, I would never consider grilling in stillettos!!)
I am wearing a breezy pastel colored floral summer frock from Fresh Styles Exclusive Sales Room  featuring items from 45L to 100L.  The dress is by ~EccentriciXi~ and was created by  Jimi Xi and diacentra Edenbaum.
This flirty dress called Corie is sensuously shaped with a very low cut back and is the exclusive at Fresh Styles.  In addition to clothing for men and women, ~EccentriciXi~  creates a large range of apparel, flight helmets. airplane artwork, caps and other gear for the SL flying community.
Ludwig and I wait for Mr. X.... the BBQ competition is on... on guard with your tongs!

Lakeside Family BBQ Set by Heart Homes for Aphrodite Shop

Dress: ~EccentriciXi~ Corie - Exclusive at Fresh Styles

Skin: Morphine

Necklace - Finesmith - Urban Glam

Hair: D!va

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Precocious Rook and Mr. X - Exclusive by Son!a

Mr. X tells me the board is set -- squares eight times eight the battlefield. I dress as a Rook that is looking to become the Queen wearing  a luxurious gown composed of crisp squares in black and white with a flowing train ... imposing and regal, ready for battle.  This exclusive at MOG release called  Chess Rook Dress Black & White by Son!a is magnificent.
The details of this gown are lovely.  The Chess Rook Dress includes a garland of white roses accenting  your waistline and another garland of roses at your hip embellished by a black rook.
Son!a has  created a gown  that cleverly emulates a chess board and the shape of a rook. The gowns train (or as Mr. X called it -- the "fluffy bits") swirls and sways with black crepe and chiffon lined with a  charmeuse checkerboard pattern adding the right touch of drama.
The headpiece ties this dress together with its flowing white orchids set in a white rose and embellished by a black rook.

And, don't forget the nails by ZOZ that also have a black rook detail.  These nails are terrific and come with nails for all types of slink hands and several nail sizes along with an easy to use color switching hud.  Mr. X smiles and tells me  I am the most powerful Rook of all because I am his...

Month of Games LM

Wearing Month of Games Exclusives
Chess Rook Dress Black & White by Son!a
Black Queen Nails - ZOZ

Skin: Morphine- Ghail Tan

Necklace: Finesmith - Shame

Hair: Vanity Hair

Shoes: Eudora - Huxley Stilettos

Friday, July 25, 2014

Month of Games... Lady Fatale & Mr. X - Exclusive - Sonatta Morales

I think Mr. X is suspicious of Miss Peacock, the a grande dame that maintains her pose and dignity throughout the mysterious affair of "Clue" at Siren Productions Month of Games that runs through July 31.  One of the exclusives to be found there is Lady Fatale by Sonatta Morales that is an instant classic in every sense of the word.

I love the milk chocolate color of this dress; its rich texture and its sleek pencil  styled skirt embellished with artful black embroidery.  The wide belt at the waist  gives you an hourglass shape. Mr. X confessed to me that he likes that...alot!

Lady Fatale comes with gorgeous black gloves that have a hud with graceful hand animations that add drama and a certain exciting flair.

The matching cross over top with black embroidery and hat with its lavish silk veils adds an air of mystery... perfect for leaving those that behold you clueless ! 

 Landing Point  For Month of Games

Wearing - Sonatta Morales - Lady Fatale Exclusive at Month of Games

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Fay - Golden

Shoes: Eudora - Huxley Stilettos

Skin: Morphine- Ghail Tan

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mr. X is Melting for ghee - new release in Ombre Silk

Sunset and summer dreams of my beloved Mr. X... the horizon fades over the ocean in  a multitude of colors that melt into one another much like the new Ombre Silk Pants & Cami Set artfully designed by Beatrice Serendipity in three optional colors. 
Chic from top to bottom these  palazzo pants with their elegantly wide legs flaring out from the waist are flattering in the summer breeze.  Palazzo pants harken back to the 1930's when the likes of Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietich wore them.
A playful baby doll cami with empire ruching, distinctive seaming and a flirty hem is perfect for a summer walk on the beach.
This outfit also comes in Sunset with delightful shades of  blue, pink and red that  meld together like magic hour --- that  time of night when sun sinks below the horizon.

A final option  is called  Tropical and indeed it is with its' vibrant shades of pink and green that are light and airy as a sweet summer breeze..

ghee - Ombre Silk Pants & Cami Storm Set, Tropical Set and Sunset

Hair: Ayashi - Hanako - Pink - New hair fair

Hair - Wasabi Pills - Madeleine - Gold - New

Skin: Morphine Skins - Ghail Tan

Shoes - Maryjanes - Morphine Skins

Necklace: Emo-tions -Fairytale - dark silver