Monday, July 14, 2014

Mrs. White and Mr. X -- Exclusive Release by Lybra

Mr. X told me he thinks that Mrs. White is up to NG --- NO GOOD... even though she seems to be very "black and white" about everything.  Having been married to a famous illusionist that disappeared under mysterious circumstances... he wonders about you?
Mr. X says, Mrs. White dabbles in poison.... hard to believe that in this gorgeous gown by Lybra Rage called Miss White.  The main dress texture is a wild velvet floral pattern that is rich in dimension and so well done with a slight netting effect over it.
Miss White is festooned with a satin ribbon that runs from  the top of this sexy sleeveless gown to the waist... so alluring and the full lace skirt is evocative of a "black widow....
Miss White, you just never know with her where she is coming from.... two husbands disappeared under very mysterious circumstances.... watch out Mr. X --- they say she is very..... questionable....
or is she.... in any "case" this gown by Lybra... is a must have.... only the "clueless" won't have it!  And don't forget to look at these fabulous nails by ZOZ a must have that come in several hand styles for slink making them a  must have! Available at Siren Productions Month of Games.

Landing Point  For Month of Games

Wearing - Lybra - Miss White - Exclusive - Month of Games
inworld main store -
Nails - ZOZ - Black Queen Silver - Exclusive Month of Games

Skin: Morphine-Ghail - Smoke

Necklace: Finesmith- shameless black

Hair - D!va- ange

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