Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mr. X and the Naughty Watermelon Seller & Poets Heart new release

In early July,  I came upon Mr. X  relaxing languidly in a flower strewn meadow surrounded by trees eating a watermelon.  Always the gentleman, he offered me a vibrantly sweet piece of this summer fruit. As we devoured it he told me how he bought it from a watermelon seller that told him tales of the power of watermelon seeds... 

She told him that one day the two lovers sat about eating watermelon to their hearts content, carelessly, spitting the seeds of the watermelon...all about... in the flowers and the bush, weeds and undergrowth... east and west, north and south... There were so many seeds that they lost count and  didn't see the lone black seed that landed in a bird's nest nestled in a giant oak tree.

The seed lay barren in this tree all through the winter... but in the spring it sprouted first as a vine and then as a flower.  In no time at all, a giant watermelon appeared in the tree and became the home of a nesting mother bird...
Several weeks later, the lovers returning to their enchanted meadow heard scratching, picking, pecking sounds coming from within the watermelon...and low and behold a feathered head soon broke free.... a giant baby bird weighing more than 100 pounds.... red and green from head to toe with seed like watermelon eyes much like the eyes of the naughty watermelon seller.... Baby birds are always hungry... and this one had a rapacious appetite ---needless to say, the lovers were never heard from or seen again.........
So, the Naughty Watermelon Seller told Mr. X to be sure to enjoy the watermelon with his love and chided him to  be careful where they spit the seeds because... no one knows what will emerge next  from the magical watermelon seeds!  

I love this romantic dress called Shamandalie from Poet's Heart in its' delicate variegated wash of color, the off the shoulder asymmetrical handkerchief top and sexy long skirt with it's sumptuous belt that hugs your curves perfectly.  I also love the names of Shamandalie - Morning Dew, Shades of Sunset, Evergreen, Mediterranean Sky, Midsummer Pyre, Crystal Lagoon, Lucid Dream and Withered Flowers.  If I were you, I would just get the fat pack!

Wearing: Poet's Heart - Shamandalie - Evergreen, Shades of Sunset, Lucid Dream, Morning Dew, and Crystal Lagoon.

Hair: D!va - Angie -Topaz

Skin: Morphine Skins - Ghail 

A. V. Watermelon Stand - Atelier Visconti  the stand comes in Pink, Red and Blue

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