Sunday, July 6, 2014

Smoke and Ivory... Sascha's B&W collection and Zuri Jewelry

In a complicated world there is something classic and reassuring about black and white. Sascha has just released a series of  ten black and white summer dresses and gowns.  Mr. X has not only described this "B&W"collection as a study in contrasts in regard to color... but also in regard to hemlines and styles!
One of Mr. X's favorites is B&W # 8; it is a chic french style dress in white with an imperious stand up collar, a pleated styled bodice with artful sleeves and short skirt that adds allure. A white wide brim hat completes the look.
I have paired Sascha's B&W collection with the new necklace, earrings and bracelet set by Zuri Rayna called Vintage Black Bliss Pearl Collection.  The formal diamond shaped pattern of the necklace is complemented by the black pearl drop earrings with diamond flower accents and the diamond flower bracelet.  This art deco inspired set is perfect for any formal occasion and comes in a multitude of gemstones.

Sweep into the room in dress #3  and every eye in the place will be on you.  The horizontal B&W stripes has a runway look that will turn heads and a feathered sculpted hat that is dramatic and fun.
Another winner is dress # 9.  The crisp combination of black and white takes on a Grecian flair with a side cape embellished by a floral ribbon that is sheer artistry.  This gown makes an elegant statement in it's fusion of black and white with it's white hemline edged with black.

B&W #7 is sleek and sexy with a daring V neckline and contrasting B&W pattern and straps in a breezy adaptation that swathes you in softness.
B&W #1 is a sophisticated study in geometric contrasts and is the perfect little black and white dress with matching gloves and hat.
B&W # 4 is the black version of B&W # 8 and sports the same stand up collar,  hat and artful sleeves. This dress is immemorially memorable and will inspire midnight trysts.
A final favorite of Mr. X in this collection  is # 5. This formal gown is timeless with it's ombre shaded feather collar that adds an element of drama. This gown  also  comes with an attachable train that adds flourish to your formal look.

Sascha Designs New B&W Collection

Skin: Morphine

Zuri Rayna's Vintage Black Bliss Pearl Collection
group members receive your 25% REFUNDS on all vendors 1st & 2nd Floors. Main store only.

Hair- Acedia Albion - messy updo no longer available

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