Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Shopping Experience - Exclusives at Fresh Styles 45-95L

If you have a passion for fashion the new shopping area is for you! Most items 45L-95L.  High standards, exclusives and fabulous featured sales items are the name of the game here.  I am doing a round-up of some of star items offered.  The event runs every two weeks and opens the second Wednesday of the month and usually closes every second Sunday. This round runs from July 9-20. For additional information

The first dress I am wearing is by R&B called Ro' e Buni and the dress is called Sarabella and is designed by Pippi Moonites.  Pippi Moonites named her shop R&B from the tale of two oxen named  Rò and Bunì  from Romagna, Italy. Sarabella is beguiling with its curve hugging  zebra stripes, scoop neckline and lingerie straps. The pearl studded hat adds glamour.
Next, I am wearing a dress by =Corrupted= called Annie Dress.  This dress with its' wide skirt and tight cinched belt at the waist with pearls and corsage gives this a 50's vintage vibe.  It is mesh and comes in 5 sizes.   Add the gorgeous matching strapped heels for mid.- slink feet and bop the night away.

Best of all, Annie Dress and shoes comes with a color changing hud giving this dress a different look and color with the click of a button. Shoes and dress come in 8 colors including red and purple as shown, yellow, green, blue, orange, pink, white and light green.

Annie Shoes by Corrupted with color hud in 8 matching colors

Morphine is offering a fabulous skin... Nadine in Peach... it comes with a soft pink blush and  a variety of eyebrows including blush berry, blush black, brown and light.  Morphine's skins are loaded with appliers including Lush appliers and phat/cute ass.  The third wave slink hand and feet appliers (a god send) are sold separately at the main shop...get them and save yourself the trouble of matching!!!  Mr. X loves the innocent and wholesome look of this skin... it is refreshing to wear and you will be noticed.

I have paired the Morphine Skin with a sexy wrap around geometrically patterned dress designed  by Florina Phelan of FLRN  design.  The dress is called Julia Pink but also comes in red, purple, turquoise, yellow, dark blue, green, and orange. It is mesh and comes in 5 sizes making it easy to wear.

Since animal skins are so happening on the runway in RL and in SL, I am ending this blog with two "rawrs"!  First, I am wearing a design of Kayshla Aristocrat  CEO of Lush Catz that features a peasant styled blouse and mesh hot pants with a high waist and an evocative zipper.  This set called "Paw" comes with a necklace, hoop earrings and tango appliers.  The pose is by Sha Verocity.

My last "rawr" is by Zeta Untermeyer of WTB and is called Asasha Leo -- I love the leopard print !  The hot pants with the gold buckle and the handkerchief top is smoking hot!   I added Nadine in Native by Morphine Skins that just makes this sizzle and smoke!

To find all these exclusive designs and gifts ranging from 45 to 95 L and more Visit  Fresh Styles

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