Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ready? ..Mr. X - for the Month of Games ?

Mr. X is excited about the month of games and so is Versus Magazine -- Candyland,  Chess & Clue...  plus  50 or more top designers in SL  -- who could ask for more fun from  July 12-31.  Siren Productions in collaboration with Versus Magazine, Scala, Aim, Boulevard, Culture Magazine, Designing SL, Models, BOSL and SL Radio Live will bring you three salesrooms,three fabulous shows and some unforgettable entertainment.

Exclusive releases galore for this extravaganza not to be missed!  A Sneak Peak favorite here is by Boudoir called Chess Queen it is  elegant with a red bow  black cross top and architecturally beautiful  B&W  skirt not to mention the evocative neck piece.. ladies never kiss and tell.   The furniture is the best yet.... Battle Queen and the Chess Pieces Move. Mr. X your move is next !

This event also includes  Candyland there are 9 different locations to visit on the Candyland Board Game including Candy Castle, Peppermint Forest and Lollipop Woods.

On the chess sim you may run into the Black King that has set out intent on conquering the kingdom of the White Queen... could that be me???????    anyway --- an epic battle ensues with moves that dazzle... a power struggle between the dark and light...go to the chessboard to see who is victorious...

On the "Clue" game board murder is the name of the game and a "money" trail leads the way... or does it... it is up to you to slueth your way through the mysteries.

 Boudoir  Chess Queen
Sitting in  Boudoir - Battle Queen

Skin - GS -- no longer available
Hair - Acedia Albion -  curly red/white - no longer available

For more information

July 12th @ 12 noon SLT and 5PM SLT 
Welcome Party by SCALA
Organized by Boulevard Models represented by Boulevard and SCALA
July 19th @ 12noon SLT and 5PM SLT
Models represented by AIM, Boulevard and SCALA
July 26th @ 12 noon and 5PM SLT
Organized by SCALA

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