Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Precocious Rook and Mr. X - Exclusive by Son!a

Mr. X tells me the board is set -- squares eight times eight the battlefield. I dress as a Rook that is looking to become the Queen wearing  a luxurious gown composed of crisp squares in black and white with a flowing train ... imposing and regal, ready for battle.  This exclusive at MOG release called  Chess Rook Dress Black & White by Son!a is magnificent.
The details of this gown are lovely.  The Chess Rook Dress includes a garland of white roses accenting  your waistline and another garland of roses at your hip embellished by a black rook.
Son!a has  created a gown  that cleverly emulates a chess board and the shape of a rook. The gowns train (or as Mr. X called it -- the "fluffy bits") swirls and sways with black crepe and chiffon lined with a  charmeuse checkerboard pattern adding the right touch of drama.
The headpiece ties this dress together with its flowing white orchids set in a white rose and embellished by a black rook.

And, don't forget the nails by ZOZ that also have a black rook detail.  These nails are terrific and come with nails for all types of slink hands and several nail sizes along with an easy to use color switching hud.  Mr. X smiles and tells me  I am the most powerful Rook of all because I am his...

Month of Games LM

Wearing Month of Games Exclusives
Chess Rook Dress Black & White by Son!a
Black Queen Nails - ZOZ

Skin: Morphine- Ghail Tan

Necklace: Finesmith - Shame

Hair: Vanity Hair

Shoes: Eudora - Huxley Stilettos

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