Friday, July 25, 2014

Month of Games... Lady Fatale & Mr. X - Exclusive - Sonatta Morales

I think Mr. X is suspicious of Miss Peacock, the a grande dame that maintains her pose and dignity throughout the mysterious affair of "Clue" at Siren Productions Month of Games that runs through July 31.  One of the exclusives to be found there is Lady Fatale by Sonatta Morales that is an instant classic in every sense of the word.

I love the milk chocolate color of this dress; its rich texture and its sleek pencil  styled skirt embellished with artful black embroidery.  The wide belt at the waist  gives you an hourglass shape. Mr. X confessed to me that he likes that...alot!

Lady Fatale comes with gorgeous black gloves that have a hud with graceful hand animations that add drama and a certain exciting flair.

The matching cross over top with black embroidery and hat with its lavish silk veils adds an air of mystery... perfect for leaving those that behold you clueless ! 

 Landing Point  For Month of Games

Wearing - Sonatta Morales - Lady Fatale Exclusive at Month of Games

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Fay - Golden

Shoes: Eudora - Huxley Stilettos

Skin: Morphine- Ghail Tan

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