Monday, February 26, 2018

Mr. X and Fiaba New Fellini & Jumo

Today I felt spring in the air... sweet and subtle but there with tiny white snowdrop flowers pushing through the snow. I love this time of year watching the snow melt and the air warm and the way leaves and trees, plants and flowers slowly wake up after a long winter's sleep and come back to life.

This gorgeous new gown by Fellini called Fiaba that is made for slink and maitreya bodies has a colorful necklace of leaves and flowers is perfect for early spring -- wearing it I feel like the beautiful daughter of Demeter and Zeus, Persephone, the goddess of spring. Her story is one of abduction, love, grief and celebration. 

Persephone was a young goddess that lived apart from the others and delighted in picking flowers in the woods.  She was honored as Kore, meaning “Beautiful Maiden.”  She was Demeter’s daughter, and Demeter loved her truly.  Hades, the God of the Underworld wanted Persephone to become his bride. Afraid that Demeter would not allow her to depart to the Underworld with him, Hades abducted Persephone while she was picking flowers.  

Demeter, upset that her daughter was gone, went out to the ends of the Earth to find her child.  Demeter soon learned that Zeus allowed Hades to marry Persephone. Grief and fury overwhelmed Demeter when she heard the news. Demeter halted all plants from flowering and ripening. She created winter for the first time. Zeus couldn’t let the Earth die so he allowed for Persephone to return home if she had not tasted food in the Underworld.  Unfortunately Persephone had eaten a number of pomegranate seeds that bound her to the Underworld, one month per year for each seed.

Each year when Persephone returns to the world from the Underworld, the earth again is alive with new growth.  There is dancing and singing, and celebrations of the new life and the return of Persephone.  In the late fall, when she has to go back to the Underworld, the world gets quiet, cold, and forbidding.   Winter is when she is gone.  For when she is in the Underworld, Demeter takes away the gifts of grain and harvest until she returns.  

All New 

Gown - Fiaba - Fellini

Hair - Jumo - Ria

Earrings- Jumo - Zen

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