Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Mr. X and Zen... New Jumo and Alessandra Hair

It is late and had been a long day... and  at the moment when I want to feel glam and lovely I think of Zen then I remember Jumo had made a fabulous fairy tale gown  embellished with heavily embroidered flowers that  flow on the  think silk...

My love think  winter snowdrops  pushing through the ice and snow... spring is around the corner... and  this maiden blossoms so sincere...   look around you  the stars at night and know that I watch over you...

Sometimes it is  Zen... and this new gown by Jumo is so Zen... it is pure beauty and is made for  all mesh bodies... maitreya, slink, belleza -- and has a huge color changing hud that includes  32 different looks -- colors and patterns... it will make  your head spin!

So Mr. X  let's do a little bit of  "Zen" dancing... Love you Jumo...  and  I love the way this gown makes me feel and so will you!

Gown - New - Jumo -  Zen
Hair - Jumo - Alessandra

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