Monday, June 2, 2014

High Impact & Mr. X - new release Silken Moon

Wandering around Lea 18 has inspired me to surprise Mr. X with a bold high impact look...
And, what better to wear for this than the amazingly avant garde new release  called Chonophilia by Silken Moon.
White as the moon on a winter night Chonophilia gleams with points and tentacles giving this look an otherworldly feel that is just so cool!
The best part of this look is you dress it up or down so to speak as it is extremely versatile and well made. 
Perhaps I shall wait in hiding amid the "Insidious Ideas" of Lea 18 for Mr. X... looking almost like an assassin on a mission...

Or an angel heralding a new dawn.

Silken Moon - Chonophilia
MP -

 Eye Jewels - Eshi otawara - Shakti Face Jewels

Skin-  Morphine - Sangreia Void - exclusive no longer available

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