Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Outdoor Living by Aphrodite at Heart Homes + Nya and Morphine Skin

If you don't have a lot of prims and are looking for a romantic retreat that is chic and interesting with  a multitude of poses for couples and singles, interactive activities and texture changes the new Summer Flowers Greenhouse in Whitewood or Oak by Aphrodite Shop is for you.
I love the white weathered beachwood  and the flagstone floor that has 12 different textures.  After rezzing it you can move the furniture and plants around the greenhouse or incorporate them into your home.  The details elevates the entire space to pure fun. The flowers are even interactive and you can rake, water, mediate and tend to them.... they are beyond fun!

Summer Flowers Greenhouse is spacious and has furniture that celebrates al fresco living in style. Couch and chair animations offer couples poses -- slow dancing, reading together, feeding each other strawberries, playing video games (I won!!), a movie night, blissful sleep and more. Cool solo poses are also offered.

Each piece of furniture has custom animations.  The coffee table for example is especially fun because it offers board games, cards, wine and cheese and even a kiss... hello Mr. X this wine is getting warm.......the glasses, books, cards, etc. attach to you making wearing them fun and easy plus they don't clutter up your inventory. Cheers!
The Summer Flower Greenhouse is also available in Oakwood with all the same features and looks glorious in a garden setting.  This is one greenhouse that is a must have for year-round fun.

I am wearing a cute and casual outfit by Nya called Alice from Penumbra Fashion Week.  The green linen crop pants and bold floral blouse is perfect for summer and a good read at the beach.

The Skin is a new release by Morphine called Victoria... it is fresh and sexy with beautifully defined lips, perfectly shaped eyebrows and eye make up that comes in natural or smokey... that allows you to customize your look.  The skin comes in 5 skin tones with eyes, a shape and all the appliers.  Slink hand and feet appliers are also available separately.

Last night, over a cup of green tea, in our greenhouse,  I told Mr. X that for me to achieve the art of things, is to choose well rather than often...and he agreed... this greenhouse is a must have.

Summer Flowers Greenhouse - Aphrodite Shop - Heart Homes

Wearing: Nya - Alice from Penumbra Fashion Week

Morphine Skin - Victoria  Smokey Tan (new)

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