Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mr. X and Kioto -- new exclusive @ Penumbra

The nights are growing longer here as the light is fading earlier and earlier in the Nordic highlands. The skies are continually grey and delicate lacey mist drapes the tops of snow covered mountain peaks.  Tonight Mr. X has promised to take me to see the Northern Lights.... and I have the perfect thing to wear.
The Kioto Coat by Nya is an exclusive at Penumbra Fall/Winter  Fashion Week through September 22 and it is perfect for a late autumn walk in search of the brilliant natural fireworks display of the northern lights.  I love the heavy satin coat with the faces of Geisha's on it in tones of lavender, moss green and white.
The green sweater with an extravagant fur collar replete with fur cuffs is ideal for a walk on a brisk night when the damp air chills you to the bone.... and only Mr. X's arm around me really warms me up!

The back of this sweater has appliqued lavender flowers, a reminder of warmer days... and nights.  The abstract floral pattern can also be found on the arms of the sweater completing the look.
The Kioto Coat comes with complimentary green leather boots -- with convenient back pulls and a zipper -- great details and great looking boots that totally pull this look together.
Now, I wait for Mr. X  --- and dream of the Northern Lights....

Wearing: Kioto Coat  and boots - by Nya - exclusively at Penumbra Fashion Fall/Winter Fashion Week

Penumbra  LM

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