Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mr. X and the Secret Agent... more finds at Penumbra & show scehdule

There is nothing Mr. X likes more than a sexy trenchcoat... (with nothing underneath -- literally... an alpha!)... and Holy Shirt has made several "trench" coats in a series of vibrant colors that run the gamut including apple, cherry, electric, fawn, passion and smoke.
In addition, Holy Shirt has also created Slink high ankle boots with pretty peeptoes so you can show off your latest nail colors.  These shoes  come in aqua, cherry, chocolate, cornflower, nude, passion, pure black.

Another find is by Prism and is called Abbey.  It is simply fabulous... the snakeskin mini skirt sizzles.... and the high high high boots are ohhhhh so sexxxy.....  Like a long drink of water in the desert.... really hard to pass up!
Love the turtleneck poncho.... that shows off your midriff and comes with a sleek silk shirt to wear underneath... and the neutral color is just so refreshing.... on so many levels....

Now I wait for Mr. X... and a midnight ramble through the labyrinthine old village of Jodhpur, जोधपुर - the blue city where it is said djinns haunt the alleyways......

Wearing:  Penumbra Exclusives -

Holy Shirt - Trench Coat and Slink Ankle Boots with peeptoes

Prism - Abbey

Penumbra LM

Weekend Shows

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