Thursday, September 25, 2014

Time Warp & Mr. X

Sometimes  I love the fantasy of SL and imaginative designers... three or four come to of them is Tatanka Kaligawa, CEO of Mea Culpa.  He is celebrating 5 years and has a vendor that gives out free gifts, to the first lucky 5 people that hit the vendor at the right time.  I got a fabulous pair of shoes on one visit... I was #3.

Tatanka also announced that he is having a special sale of all his clothes that are older than a year for 70% off... that is a sale hard to resist.  I just couldn't resist this avant garde fantasy outfit called Time Warp.

Time Warp reminds me of a suit of armour that a 15th century Shogun might wear... with an alien futuristic twist.  I love the textures of silver and black that are so vivid that you can imagine how they actually feel.  Time Warp is amazing in its' accuracy of texture and movement....

I suggest that you go to Mea Culpea and check out his designs that run the gamut from elegant gowns to very avant garde extreme fantasy... he has even created a pret a porter line that offers something for every taste and is beautifully made.

Wearing: Mea Culpa - Time Warp

Skin - Morphine - Aunrae Quin Smokey 

Eye Make up - Nuuna Glam Rock and Zibriski 

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