Thursday, October 3, 2019

Mr. X and Masami Fellini @ Neo-Japan

I have dreams of neo japan... a once a year event by my good friend Gabriel... he is amazing and one of the best things I have found @ Neo- Japan is by Fellini... called... Masami it puts me into a dream... It is made for hourglass, physique and maitreya mesh bodies and comes in five ravishing colors... and exclusive @ Neo Japan - my simple advice get it!  Look at the Hat for starters! 

I wonder where he is... while I cannot yet cry, high on the mountainside a single stalk of plume grass wilts... temple bells in the distance... fade like fragrant blossoms after a long night...

Sometimes I feel like one flower at the cliffside for a very short moment in time... nodding and enjoying before the abyss -- Mr. X says you are filled with doubt, all I see is wonder.

I got the urge for going now... their longing, love, their nemesis, the distant. unknown end of story.  Masami comes in blue, red, orange, parma, pink and white.

Neo - Japan LM -

Wearing - Fellini - Masami - Exclusive @ Neo Japan
Fellini Main Store LM

Eye Make - Up - Alma  @ Neo Japan
Main Store

Lips - Zibska - Yiriko @ Neo Japan

Hair - Acedia - No longer available

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