Monday, November 21, 2016

Mr. X and Clemence - Ghostess @ Swank & LoS BoS poses

I rush to  through the Recoleta on this breezy autumn afternoon. Across the Avenue de Quintana, through Ayacucho and onto Montevideo. I am  moving with purpose in my new distressed skinny jeans with a lacy tank top and stylish cropped leather jacket called Clemence by Ghostess that is an exclusive @ Swank.

There, I hear it again. I have to get ahead of the crowd. They must be headed to San Telmo, the antique district. It's a gamble.Yes. It is where I plan to meet my friends for a chat and a few drinks... a fabulous way to pass a rainy afternoon. Mr. X keeps playing with the lace insets in my skin tight jeans... they are rugged in a very  feminine way.  Add the eyelet styled tank top with a peek-a-boo feel and you will have every eye on you in the room. The leather jacket has fine details such as exquisite quilting on the shoulders with a texture that you can touch. It is made for all mesh bodies.

Mr. X told me as he watched me glide toward him, the tight jeans and lace folding around me, the interior lace of the top sliding against my tan body... I  shrugged and  smiled  knowing that this outfit spoke to him and that he couldn't do anything about it.  "I am the one..." You hear it that time?

Swank Exclusive

Outfit: Ghostyss _ Clemence Skinny Jeans, Tank Top and Cropped Leather Jacket
Note for Ghostyss : * All -30% for group members, * New - 25% (-50 % for group members) * Discounts -50% (- 75 % for group members) * Items for $ 25 L$, 50 L $ and $ 100L (further reduction of 30 % for the group) * Group gifts but also gifts for all

Eyes - DS Eyes - Bountiful -Seafoam

Poses - LoS BoS - Ultimate

Shot at Club Urbana -Features Great House Music - Live DJ  - Friendly Crowd -Chic  Decor

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