Friday, November 11, 2016

Mr. X and Zoe - New @ Swank Pink Ice and TM Creations

I told Mr. X that a lazy day just got longer as I linger in a new casual outfit by Pink Ice called Zoe that is an exclusive at Swank's Autumn Breeze exclusive event.  Zoe is compatible with all mesh bodies.  Another find at Swank is the Autumn Pumpkin arrangement by TM Creations.  This colorful mesh autumn pumpkin arrangement is only 5 prims. It is so convenient to place and is even copy!

I love the sweater with it's festival of stripes --- this comfortable sweater is a delight to wear. It cascades to an open front sweater with a self fringed point hem making it chic and casual at the same time.

Zoe by Pink Ice comes with a microsuede mini skirt and matching top plus a fringe sweater  and thigh high spike heeled boots that are perfect to show off my long legs!  Your boot collection isn't complete without a pair of thigh hi boots that comes with this outfit.

The Rustic Moments Cuddle Wooden Chest also by TM Creations and an exclusive at Swank comes loaded with a wooden chest with pillows, books, and blankets.  It has a four person sit menu and a 2 person cuddle menu.  For couples there are 208 animations including 104 cuddle poses and for those lovely romantic moments.

In addition, there are four cuddle scene sequences that play up to eight minutes of a scene. There is also a solo sit for men and women consisting of eight animations for each.  Land impact is only 7 prims.

Finally, another great landscape garden by TM Creations, also at Swank is the Autumn arrangement Mesh Garden. It comes with colorful foliage, leaves, mushrooms and boulders.  The land impact is 9 prims and it is copy and resizable.

Swank Exclusives

Outfit - Zoe by Pink Ice

Landscaping: TM Creations

Autumn Mesh Pumpkin Arrangement
Rustic Moments Cuddle Wooden Chest
Autumn Arrangement Mesh Garden

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Catalina Lily

Photo Tool - Image Photography

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