Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mr. X and the River.... Ghee @ Boho Fair

I just love this look... it reminds me of a warm summer walk amid a flower strewn meadow... I can hear the scamper of squirrels as i watch  flowers sway in the summer breeze... it is days like this that i  feel boho chic and nothing is more boho chic than Ghee's Frilled River Sweater and Etta Boots that are an exclusive at the Boho Fair through Nov. 5.

I love the cotton texture of this oversized sweater that is embellished with lace making it sexy and feminine at the same time. Ghee is so good at doing that.  I also love the fishnet stockings that comes with this...they set the Etta Boots off perfectly.

The Boho Frilled Sweater comes in several colors, I loved the river.  It is also made for classic, belleza, maitreya (worn) bodies. Don't forget to pick up the necklace at Ghee -- it is the Boho Free Gift and is purrfect with this outfit!  Ghee is a collaboration between Warm Clarity, a real world artist, and SL Top Model Beatrice Serendipity. It is no wonder that their clothes are amazing and actually something I would wear in both lives

Ghee for boho  Fair -  Boho Frilled Sweater in River
Boots - Ghee - Boho Fair - Etta Boots - River
Boho Frilled Sweater
Boho LM

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