Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mr. X and Sakuma * New* Wicca's Wardrobe

Emerging from the hyacinth colored woods... all is quite... peaceful... as I make my way to Mr. in this labrinythinian  glade of blue and white... what will he do when he sees me glistening silver, blue and black  in this extraordinary new release by Wicca's Wardrobe called Sakuma at We <3 Roleplay.

Perfect for role-players, this exclusive is a must have. The sleek texture glows with an inner fire and sheen -- it is really exquisite and these images really don't do it justice.  I love the detail in the belted chaps and the way they hug my legs... Mr. X dreams about unbuckling each strap...slowly in the silver blue heart of his midnight dreams... he tells me that they are quite "vivid" ......

Sakuma is made for all mesh bodies and best of all comes with a color changing hud... I am wearing the blue that also has a silver, black and red sheen to it... each shade is gorgeous and you will surely be the warrior princess when wearing Sakuma.  This is best seen wearing advanced light settings but either way -- this is an amazing outfit!


Wicca's Wardrobe - *New* - Sakuma
We <3 Roleplay.

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