Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Cozy Winter Set Heart Homes PLUS LoS BoS & !IT! @ Marvelous

It is  a cozy time of year, I  have the tea on Mr. X and the couch from Aphrodite@ Heart Homes holds a surprise... and, Marvelous Events is on... with fabulous exclusives... I  feel like Christmas has come early!! Please come and  join me... let's be cozy... 

Aphrodite at Heart Homes has made "Merry Christmas Set"  it is really nice.  As a matter of fact  it is the perfect living room for a  smaller home -- it is romantic and all items are  copy.   The bed sofa is filled with tender comfy cuddles for two as well as activities, sleep options plus  single aos ---  and something even more..... Merry Christmas comes with  chairs, cuddly rug, fireplace, bed sofa, small  Christmas Tree, couch table, hot chocolate & cookies tray (YUM) and a  decorative bowl with candles.  

The Merry Christmas Set comes with something I have not seen in SL ever...  and I love it!! The  couch turns into a bed and  do I have to tell you how much Mr. X likes that ???   It is  really great... and so much fun --  it comes with so many activities --- movies,  breakfast,coffee, reading and more... it also has a full set of  cute cuddles and sleeping aos. At the moment I am wistfully having a breakfast tray... I do love  breakfast in bed... don't you Mr. X?

To be in the holiday  spirit, I am  wearing the Sweater Dress Called  Frankee by LA BoS; it is an  exclusive @ Marvelous Events.  I love the sexy off the shoulder look of this dress that is made for all mesh bodies including Lara that I am  wearing.  Best of all it comes with a color changing  hud that offers 10 colors  5 attractive  solids and 5 unique abstract patterns. Marvelous will run through  12/25 -- check it out... it has  great exclusives by top designers... at fab prices... plus lots of fun events and special gifts!

I also found a great necklace and earrings at Marvelous Events called Majestique (Set 160) BY !IT! I love the  18 kt gold filigree necklace  and the gorgeous cameo  Christmas Tree.  The earrings are composed of the same filigree and cameo making it simply elegant.

Wearing  -- 
Exclusives @ Marvelous Events
Dress - L.A. BoS - Frankee
 !IT!- Necklace and Earrings Majestique (Set 160)

Furniture - Aphrodite@ Heart Homes "Merry Christmas Set"