Wednesday, February 18, 2015

See You in Cuba Mr. X - New Release - Sonatta Morales

Havana in the 1930s  was the "Paris" of the Caribbean  that brimmed with aspiring artists, musicians, diva's and cads that would become world famous. Mr. X told me I was infamous.... the nerve of him.....

All is forgiven because Mr. X left me a gift box containing Sonatta Morales's new gown called Mu; it is simply stunning.

One of the most popular evening looks during the 40s was a long column shaped silk velvet gown embellished by rich beading at the neckline and bodice.  Mu, Sonatta's new release, embodies the timeless elegance of good fashion and design.

What makes this gown unique is the beaded bodice and the fabulous bolero jacket that has lace sleeves, ruffles and best of all comes to the waist with rounded edges at the front.  Mu is beautiful with every step you take.

Mu is beautiful from the back as well....  look at the detail... it is amazing.

As Mr. X and I  rumba, I sing words softly in his ear, words that only he will understand. He listens. And whispers back, your skin is warmer than I remember.  You look ravishing.  We leave for our sim.

Wearing: Sonatta Morales - Mu * New*

Skin: October 4 Seasons - Jewell Blossom - *New*

Nails - ghee - fall matte

Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet - Lotus

Photo Studio: Mesh Photo Studio - Image Photography
Avi Choice Award Nominee --- Please vote

Hair: Vanity - Frozen - *New*

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