Friday, February 27, 2015

Mr. X Springs into Sneak Peek - with Zanse

Mr. X told me that spring is around the corner... well, my spring that is... spring, the time of year when all is reborn -- fresh and new... and to get the heads up on what will be featured this spring... go to Sneak Peek...  for example -- Zanze's new outfit that is  tribal chic and so trendy; Mr. X loves those Stripes.... and the contrast..... he is well Mr. X.

Mr. X left asked me to meet him  60  degrees past zero..... in this  ensemble  by  Zanze called Augustine.  The off the shoulder coat has a hud and comes in 6 colors -- dark brown, purple, creme, coffee, reddish orange and green.  The dress also comes in 6 matching colors so you can have a lot of fun mixing and matching colors... I did!

I love the refined textures in this outfit that are juxtaposed --- sleek sexy sequin dress and a urban textured wool jacket coat thrown over your shoulder.... Mr. X likes that... and shhhhh he does like to throw me over his shoulder from time to time.... and no! I never kiss and tell!!!!!!!


Sneak Peek Exclusive: Zanse - Augustine

Skin: October 4 Seasons - Jewell - *new* skin

Hair: Vanity Hair - Bus Stop !

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