Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mr. X and the Rhythm of Night - Exclusive Release - !Lybra! Rage & Muse

It is night....  the darkness was all around me, palatable... the moon a silver disk reminding me of the head piece of the dark side of ancient goddess and one of Mr. X's favorite seductresses - that brought joy and sensuality to the world....
Wearing this, the new exclusive, limited edition dress by Lybra Rage called Nori you could be a glamorous queen of the night.  Wearing Nori, you could be swaying on a ballroom floor on a gothic sim, a victorian sim or at a classical ball... you will look better than anyone else.
I love the interplay of the delicate black, white and red textures of this gown and the ruffle accents giving it a neo-Victorian vibe with a vamp glam twist.  There are only 100 of these exclusive gowns... so get to Rue a la Page and get one!
I have paired Noir with a new creation by Muse called Doomed Souls. This is part of the Souls Collection and the headpiece is only 100L and can be found at Genre.  It is unisex.
This glorious headpiece is artfully composed of horns and embellished with little skulls.  It comes in several color options and is expertly crafted.

 So Mr. X, I am waiting for you in the shadows...beckoning you to follow me as we flow together as one to the rhythm of the night.....


!Lybra! Rage - Noir - Exclusive Limited Edition Gown at Rue a la Page
Rue A La Page

!Lybra Rage  Main Store

Muse - Doomed Souls and Bloody Souls - Exclusive at Genre

Genre LM -

Muse Main Store LM

Skin - Morphine Skins - Quan

Hair- Acedia Albion - no longer available

Photo Studio: Mesh Photo Studio - Image Photography
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