Friday, September 18, 2015

Mr. X and Carmen... Maci at the 24... Flamenco

I am feeling as seductive as a Spanish Flamenco Dancer... and Mr. X is in for a treat tonight... although tonight is really just like every other... he always tells me I am his sweety pie!  Do you believe him??? I do... usually!  Mr. X knew I was in a mood and headed to the 24 and chose Carmen by maci... it is limited and fabulous... it even comes with a head piece and fan !

I love this new outfit at the 24  it is an exclusive Carmen at the 24 -- and it is amazing.  Carmen  comes with two bracelets with roses in  gold, shoes that match -- a fan and a gorgeous head piece that the wily Carmen herself would have been proud to wear... I know I am.... it is elegant... and  thoughtfully constructed... this outfit will turn heads.... just look at the lace inset details and beadwork of this gown and it's flowing ruffles.

Carmen, the opera is one of our favorites... besides the melodrama of the opera's plot itself, the  music is brilliant in terms of harmony, melody and atmosphere... the Toreador Song is infamous... just like you will be when wearing Carmen by maci....  get it...

The Event - The 24
Exclusive - Maci -- Carmen - shoes, gown, fan, headpiece, jewelry

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Zulay Marigold
Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons - Soulful - red

Hair -  Tukinowaguma -Ariana

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