Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mr. X and Jewel - Tres Beau @ The 24

On opening night the theatre is jammed, the seats are packed. There is an air of anticipation in the crowd before the curtain rises.  Mr. X takes my hand in his and whispers, you look beautiful tonight... like a gemstone among rocks... a peacock among the hens. 

 I am wearing a new gown by Tres Beau called Jewel in Slate, that is an exclusive at The 24.  I love the cascading mermaid feather skirt that ripples and flows as I walk and take my seat.  The plunging back is evocative and all eyes are on me ... I can feel the electricity in the theatre.

Jewel's delicate white lace set on slate satin is as elegant as it is beautiful...and the necklace of white pearls sets off this gown perfectly. As the performance begins,  I see the actress is living out her eternal despair. Words fall from her lips as though they were her own..."I've lived by performing tricks, and I can bear it no more." The drama has begun.

Gown - Exclusive @ The 24 - Tres Beau - Jewel Slate
Event LM

Tres Beau Main Store LM - The gown will be there after the event today

Events at The 24
12:00pm SLT – 1:30pm SLT -- Pop Stars Show
2:00pm SLT – 4:00pm SLT -- The 24 2015 Closing Party

Skin - October 4 Season Skins - Zulay Marigold

Shoes - LaVian& Co - Ella Marie Heels

Hair - D!via - Manon - Onyx

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