Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mr. X & Imani - Topazia at The Instruments

Cool winds off the Okavango absolute miracle, a beautiful, incongruous, pristine wetland area in the middle of the bleak heart of the Kalahari.  Just like this life giving delta fed by rivers from the highlands of Angola, I am wearing the new exclusive at the Instruments by  Topazia called Imani.

Imani comes in five tribal inspired colorful patterns and has a sexy slit all the way up one side of the dress...its also backless. The pattern of this gown is similar to batik, a dying method over wax that creates a pattern. 

The batik method made its way to West Africa when the Dutch enlisted West African men to beef up their army in Indonesia.  This artform made it back to West Africa.
Each dress has bold, repeating, intricate motifs set against backgrounds of varying hues.  Each dress is striking. Imani also comes with a fabulous headscarf that adds authentic African inspired chic to this look. 
Imani is a girl's name of Kaswahili origin that  means "faith" in English.  Mr. X and I have great faith in our relationship and in most people we meet in SL and in RL -- and tonight Mr. X and I will journey to the delta to listen to the sounds of Africa. Since this is the Instruments....


Exclusive from the Instruments
Topazia - Imani

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Zulay Walnut

Nails - Nailed It - Bright

Jewelry - Finesmith - Maziar

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