Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mr. X and Adriana --- Nya @ The Instruments

Talk  is idle  tonight...  about  the road to ethnic  and all our experiences...  Mr X says, let's go to  the Instruments... something has caught my eye.... like this new dress by Nya called Adriana Dress that comes with a hud with many different colors.

Mr X...  says, "Sita,  in these coffee shops and cafe's can I be shirtless and mad...?   I giggle... and pretend not to hear that... but  what fun  Mr. X can be...

Relaxed and  mellow like these gorgeous bell shaped sleeves on this  dress of the finest silk with the floral pattern and evocatively    plunging neckline that recalls  -- Mr. X the scent of the orient... beckons  --- are you feeling adventurous.....
Let's explore and enjoy our culturally diversity.... and yes.. over the chai let's board... this train to nowhere and because  this is the Instruments ... I leave you with this....

The Instruments Exclusive
LM The Instruments
Dress -  Nya  - Adriana

Skin - October 4  Seasons - Alisha  Pearl

Hair - Exile - Finding You  all or Nothing 

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