Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mr. X and Giselle of Darwillow - *New* TWA & October 4 Season Skins

My Lord the prince tells me I shine as his sweetest flower against the marble walls with gold gilded accents and the rose satin hangings of the court.  How I tire of the intrigues...the  power games and corruption.  Longing to escape, I change out of my gown of heavy satin brocade to wear the soft cotton morning gown of a maid...Giselle of Darwillow, the new gown by TWA.

I love the detail of Giselle of Darwillow with it's full gathered skirt of rose colored cotton; it's slip of dove grey, the gold thread trim artfully etched up the sides and  the  blouse with a  scoop neckline and long flowing sleeves. Giselle makes me want to escape the formality  of the court and frolic in the cool glens of the forests surrounding the palace...perhaps meeting a lover -- to start my own court intrigue of delight!

I love the detail of the laced antique silver grommets on the front and back of the bodice that accent it perfectly.  To add a touch of courtly elegance, I am wearing a choker with a waterfall gold chain boasting a beautiful opal created by Muse called Camilla as well as jeweled Princess heels also created by Muse.

I have paired this look with the new skin by October 4 Seasons called Alisha in Blossom... it's delicate pale shade fresh as a maiden of 16 is perfectly suited for blondes. Alisha blossom comes with 6 different make-ups with perfect lips and eyeshadows  accentuating this skin as well as a natural lip and eyebrow color making it easy to add eyeshadow and lipstick of your own choosing. All appliers are also included. This is a must have skin for blondes.

Now, free from the stringent etiquette of court... in this idyllic place  I can just be... and dream away the days as a simple maiden...

Gown -TWA - *new* Giselle of Darwillow

Skin - *New* - October 4 Seasons - Alisha Blossom -

Shoes - Muse - Princess Heels - Vintage Pink Diamonds
Necklace and Earrings - Muse - Camilla - Pink and Gold

Hair - D!va - Ange

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