Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mr. X and Phillipa -- *new* Jumo

Mr. X says, "Sita this is perfectly exquisite."   I can almost hear the applause... this dress is so graceful.. I see the lights dim and I slowly walk into the arms of Mr. X .  Phillipa by Jumo is extravagant and  elegant and one of my new favorites... it comes in many colors... but, Mr. X likes red... because he says, "Sita you are redhot!"  Well, tonight -- perhaps.....

...... I told Mr. X, yes of course, I simply could not live without this new gown by Jumo --- Phillipa  I want it in every color -- so what if it is  frivolous and fun... so what if it has classy cascading  ruffles that  beckon... so what... and !  Phillipa  also has  matching and contrasting belts and comes with a  lavish gold collar necklace... and a belt with an interesting gold hook buckle  that is eye-catching.

After all this isn't the 1800's -- this gown is sexy and modern --  look at this fabulous bandage cross cross top in a stretchy twill silk  fabric that  absolutely  glistens in super excellent texture.   I swear, I thought I heard Mr. X mutter... omg this is a  sexy look.... I swear...  cross my heart in this red hot look !  Ok  this gown is also available in  teal, gold,  solitude (blue)  but I was in a red mood --- so let's explore...  Red! (hot) kisssessitos!


Gown - * New*  - Jumo -   Philippa - red

Skin -  *new* October 4 Seasons - Catalina  Blossom

Poses - LA Bos  - Ultimate

Hair - * new*  - Emo-tions -

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