Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mr. X and Elewisa by Mistique - the royal progress

Like clockwork my royal family traveled throughout the year on what most refer to as a "royal progress."  Every March our main palace was abandoned and we headed northwest to our favorite woodlands and meadows where we knew the weather would be warmer.  Waiting to move, I am wearing my new traveling gown by Mistique called Elewisa in Blue.   This gown comes in three fabulous versions and is available for classic, bellezza, mitreya and slink bodies.

The beauty of Elewisa is in it's details.  The square neckline is accented with silver and blue sleeves, the corset  flows  seamlessly from a tight leather corset  to a open  front skirt is accented by a finely wrought silver belt that hints at the power within that is artfully embellished with silk tassels.  Elewisa in this version also comes in pink.

Another version of Elewisa that is a tad different from the two previous  gowns comes with a six color hud. The hud version is feminine with its lavish brocade patterns and silk  chemise  but the leather detailing hints a a fierce warrior princess that demands respect.

 In this gown the corset lacing is more defined and the sleeves are bell shape and there is more leather detailing that hints at a warrior princess that creates an  unforgettable silhouette that makes me feel ready for the journey.

MFGC Exclusives

Gown #1 Mistique Elewisa - Blue
Gown #2 Mistique Elewisa - Pink
Gown #3 & 4 - Mistique Elewisa with hud

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Catalina Blossom
Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons Souful

Hair - Emotions Leni

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